Right Now

I am bored is it because I’m so busy with the same old things?
I am distracted maybe because I’m so busy I can’t settle long enough to focus on one Thing.
I am saddened by some of the choices our daughter is making and by the circumstances in which my sister has to live.
I am worried because my daughter is out tonight on a date. While very angry with me.
I feel guilty wondering if we are doing the right things for our children.
I am thankful as God keeps putting incredible women in my life and He won’t let me take them for granted.
I am amazed that this man I have known since I was 15 years old loves me and our children the way he does and by the sacrifices he continuously makes for us…for me.
I pray that my mother truly knows and loves and accepts my Lord and Savior as her own.
I think that Starbucks really DOES make the best tasting coffee in the whole wide universe.

6 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I just re read your last email and wanted to tell you I think you are an awesome Mom. from what I read on your blog, your heart is always seeking the heart of the Father for your children. I have to say that I am a few years behind you in this parenting thing, having big kids is so much different than having little kids. But your kids seem so happy. Your family seems close. You struggle just like the rest of us, but your heart is in the right spot. Which is why it is precious.Ok, that is all.T

  2. I think I can echo a lot of your thoughts. (Well, except the daughter being out on a date. Wendy won’t be dating for a long time.) Keep seeking and following His will, and He will lift you up!I gave you the Bloggy Excellence award on my blog today! Enjoy, and pass it along!

  3. Just stopped by to day Hey. My heart bleeds the same blood for the daugher things. There is so much to say on that subject, isn’t there? 🙂I read a quote on someone’s blog the other day that said deciding to have a child is allowing your heart to live outside your body. Or something like that, but that is the gist.Jesus loves us, and He will prevail.

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