Some Pictures…finally.

Caleb and Philip.

Surfin’ USA!

This guy was inside while we were waiting to get on the The Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal. Lucy was chatting a mile a minute and was totally oblivous to the guy on stilts hiding in the dark. Until he reached down and touched her lightly on the shoulder. Her reaction…mid stream in Teenage Girl Speak…STILL sends us all (except for her) into peels of laughter.

Going for a little joy ride in the boat. I wish I had captured the reaction of the woman sitting behind us when Jaws popped out! She practically jumped out of the boat.

Christmas Day lunch. The food and the service was horrible (we at at the Polynesian) but we had a blast.


The Darlings, Me and Nana & Grandpa. The Clyde & Semour Show at Sea World. Our absolutely best day in Florida!

The Darlings.

I was thinking…”maybe we’ll finally get a good picture of us together”. Clearly, The Man was NOT thinking the same thing.

Love him!

At The Wilderness Lodge for dinner. This is where Nana & Grandpa stayed when they drove up to visit us at Disney.

Too cool for words.

Nana & Grandpa & This Girl.

Someone had a real ‘tude going on this night.

Tea Cups at Magic Kingdom

Our Christmas Card Picture.

My Favorite Picture.

Ready to hit the fun and sun.

Our room…we even brought along a little Christmas tree. The Man’s (great!) idea. I picked up some little Mickey Mouse head ornaments that night and we added them to the tree…strung on dental floss!

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  1. I adore the pictures of Disney. We are Disney Vacation Club members and I can’t wait to go back! I love the restaurant at The Wilderness Lodge…what a hoot!My favorite picture of all has to be YOUR favorite one too…I would name it “Everybody loves The Momma” because that is what came to my mind what I looked at it!Hope your week is better!Love,Ter

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