Jammies and things…

This post has gotten me movin‘ in our household today.

It is 5:52 pm. I am still in my jammies. They are Vi*to*ia Sec*et jammies. I discovered today that I only have VS jammies. Before you laugh, I must add that, at the age of 46.9 they are flannel VS jammies. Every single pair. And I wear them year round. The particular pair I am wearing right now has kitty cats on them.

Oh Lordy, I just went to the VS site to see if I could get a picture of them and I couldn’t, but I can’t get the picture of what I DID see out of my brain. (mental/physical head shake)

Okay, back to the REAL world.

Wait, I just have to comment one more time on the VS website. It is no wonder our girl children are desperately unhappy with their bodies and our boy children…well…let’s not even go there right now! Let me just add that MY boy child, the 17 year old one, thinks the majority of the girls in his school do not dress appropriately. (But don’t think I’m delusional…I full realize he is STILL a 17 year old boy!)

Okay, back to this post.

I’ve truly decided that this is the year for Susan to get her stuff together. Get organized. Go thru every drawer, every cabinet, every nook & cranny of this house and clean it out and clean it up. (Really, how many pairs of VS flannel jammies does one girl need????)

So today I went thru every drawer (of mine) in our bedroom. A day or so ago I cleaned out the front closet. I emptied out a couple of kitchen cabinets the other day, too and packed some stuff up for charity. I’ve packed up a few boxes of the vintage/antique kitchen items for My Girl and/or future daughters-in-law and up to the attic it has gone.

But this post has got me itchin‘ to go thru my stack of magazines (there was a Home Companion from June/July people!) and pull what I want from them and then get my own Big Book(s) of Everything going. I have folders of stuff, but I want to make it look fancy. And functional, of course.

So the clean out/clean up has begun. It’s feeling good, already.

Don’t tell The Darlings but, their rooms are on my list too!

5 thoughts on “Jammies and things…

  1. That sounds like F-U-N- fun! I love organizing…I love my label maker! It is so much fun…although, keeping the male’s in the home on track is hard…it is like they don’t know how to read the labels!Anyway…have fun and don’t work too hard!


  2. You go, girl! 🙂 I love that feeling once I get in the groove. I have lots of organizing on my list, too. Fortunately we don’t have *too* much excess yet–we just moved in a year and a half ago, when we got married–but I know I need to nip it in the bud! And having our closets and cupboards in some kind of order would be nice, too. 😉 Keep us posted on your progress!


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