I woke up this morning feeling grumpy, achy, ugly, weepy, PMSy. I stayed in bed an extra hour snuggling in my warm bed, heated mattress cover on HIGH, listening to the sounds of our oldest two moving about, getting ready for school.

There is something comforting about the norm…the schedule…the expected.

When the oldest hollered out, “I’m leaving…love you!” I knew it was time to think about getting up. When the girl hollered out, “Love you, mom!”…I knew I had to get up and get the youngest moving. Once he was safely in the shower, I could head to the kitchen for some sweet nectar of life…Starbucks Christmas Blend. Freshly ground and yummy.

Lest you think I don’t know it, I do know that I am so blessed. Two teenagers dashing out the door for school hollering up to their mom, “I love you!” is probably not what every mom of teenagers hears in the morning.

I hear it. Every single day.

When I reflected on that this morning and how easily the words, “I love you” come to my lips for my children and husband and loved ones, I realized that I have (again) been neglecting the ultimate lover of my soul.

I just don’t understand how this can happen. How can I become so busy…so distracted…so self-centered, that I rush through my quiet time…journal a couple of fluffy sentences in my journal…read the first line of my bible study, already anticipating the last sentence so that I can move on to Important Things.

I grabbed my coffee this morning and headed to the home office to get my blog fix and was blown away by the places He brought me to. Women who love Him. Women who are hurting. Women who are waking up crying every morning and turning to Him for comfort. Turning to Him to get through their day, the next hour, the next few minutes. Crying out to Him for Love. And He answers. Covering them with His Spirit.

It was powerful.

I think I’ll head back to the kitchen and grind a few more Christmas Blend beans, brew another cup and seek Him.





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  1. Praying your time with him was great! The cool thing is that when our expectation is in him, our expectations are ALWAYS met.Did you read the LPM post a while back about PMS? Please More Spirit. Somehow that’s stuck with me and comes back to mind each and every month!Happy Friday to you,Joanne

  2. I love this post.I can so relate! And I hope that when (if?) I have kids, that they’ll be telling me they love me into their teen years as well. 🙂Hope you had some wonderful quality time with the Lover of your Soul!

  3. What a lovely post. I have a teen and a six-year-old, so I sometimes feel pulled in two different directions yet blessed beyond measure.I’ve felt the same way at times, wanting that intimate time with God, but sometimes the day begins and I haven’t started it with Him… it’s easy to get distracted. It’s nice to “meet” you via the blog trail, first Joanne (who I just “met” today, then Helen, which all started back at the Writer Interrupted Blog Ring, who I found via another writing friend…) And now that I’m here, I see someone else I am blessed to visit in blogland, Sue at Praise and Coffee. How wonderful to have sisters in Christ in the blogging world.Have a great day 🙂

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