My First and Third Born.

With all of the focus and attention being on Lucy lately (and by lately, I mean the past year…I have eluded to the fact that she/we had a difficult sophomore year, I know), I feel that I have neglected Philip and Caleb.

I think I’ll share a few pics and thoughts on these two incredible (there’s that word again, Joanne) and handsome boys (not that I’m biased, of course!).

This is one of my favorite pictures of our oldest. It totally captures him. He has the most beautiful brandy colored eyes, although it is hard to tell in this photo. He is extremely shy around girls, but very comfortable and outgoing with adults (and his buds, of course). He will make some (totally undeserving, I’m sure) woman an amazing husband. Actually, I’m joking about the totally undeserving woman line. I have prayed for our children’s spouses for years and years. Since they were little. And I continue to pray for them.

This is my favorite of his senior pics…

Notice the boots. He dresses to please himself. Period. And it drives his sister insane. Because she is all about the fashion, the social, the popularity standing. I commented recently that Philip seems really popular to me. Everywhere we go he is greeted by his peers, hugged by the girls (which he always hesitates to do). I received the classic Lucy Snort. And the reply, “okay, Mom”. Translation: “in your dreams, Mom”.

How can two children be so different!? I guess that I shouldn’t be too worried. The important things…Jesus, family, morals are the same and that is what matters.

Then there’s this kid.

He is a walking contradiction. He is only 11 (he turns 12 the end of January). He is already 5’9″. At the age of two they figured out he would probably top off at around 6’4″. He must be a throw-back to The Man’s maternal grandfather who was very tall.

He is our Wild Child. Child #3. When I held him for the first time, I whispered in his ear that he was The Prince for one year. And then he was on his own because there were two older ones ahead of him. He took it to heart, I assure you. At 13 months he was talking sentences. And he has not (thankfully) stopped talking since. Usually a child is gifted with early talking ability or good motor skills. He has both. He is by far our best athlete. If he had the drive, he could easily be a four sport high school student. But basketball is his one true love and it’s really the one sport that he excels in. We are battling him about school. He just doesn’t care about it. He is like his sister in one way…it’s all about the social with him. He thinks being the class clown is the loftiest goal he has ever attained.

He is also the kid that will just come up and wrap his long arms around me and lay his head against mine and be content (wherever we are) to just stay like that as long as he can. He is totally a momma’s boy and I would not have it any other way.

2 thoughts on “My First and Third Born.

  1. Yes, <>incredible<> indeed!Oh my! What handsome boys. I have to admit to a complete lack of knowledge about boys. We are strictly a girl family over here. My mom is one of two girls, I’m one of two girls, I have two girls.Having Tyson (my nephew) around is going to be fun!I am helping with a knitting class at the kids’ school–and there are a couple of middle school boys in it. They crack me up!Lucky you–blessed you–to have such boys in your life. It’s so fun to hear your mother’s heart about each one of them.JoanneP.S. And just love the hair on your little (?!) boy. Reminds me of Toben. Great, great hair!


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