Hello, My Children (A love note to my children this morning)

Today when you get home…you belong to ME. You go NOWHERE. The TV is NOT on. NOONE comes over.

1. You WILL do your homework.
2. You WILL go on blackboard and print out your homework for dad and I to see and you will show us your completed homework.
3. If you (by some miracle) completed your homework at school and did NOT bring it home…you will go back to school and get it so that we can see it.
4. There will NOT be any missing homework assignments this quarter or it will cost you. In time and $$…more to follow on that news.
5. After homework, you will get ALL of the dirty clothes out of your rooms and put them IN the laundry room.
6. You WILL get all of your crap out of the living room and the kitchen TODAY.
7. We are ALL going to church tonight for dinner. You do NOT have a choice.
8. You DO, however, have a choice on whether or not you stay at church after dinner or come home to a) finish homework/studying or b) CLEAN.
9. My Girl and The Boy WILL drop the Virginia Diner box off to Nicole TONIGHT.

Peace out.

Your Mother

Let the games begin…

5 thoughts on “Hello, My Children (A love note to my children this morning)

  1. Way to lay down the law! I hope you’ll tell us about their reaction and how it all worked out! 🙂I like to file parenting advice away in my brain for the future… If the last 17 months are any indication, my son will be a teenager in practically no time!


  2. Love the “peace out”–don’t forget to remind them that peace always come with authority. If they want peace, they sumbit. Period. End of sentence. (Thank you, Beth and the Living Beyond Yourself Bible study.)You crack me up. So did you text them this? Post it on the front door? Write it on the bathroom mirror?Praying for your day!Joanne


  3. hahahahahaha (deep breath) hahahahahha I only laugh because i have left notes like that, and you will get some kind of reaction. My rules look like that, and some children fall in line quicker than others..I will pray for you. Peace out (Princess to Princess)


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