District Champions!

Just HAD to share a few photos from last night’s Championship Win!

My Girl is above the “T” in “Patriot”, back row.

My Girl (#5) and her two BFF’s made the All Tournament Team from her team.
Her BFF #9 on the far left was MVP/Captain of the All Tournament Team.

The Boy (“A”) and the rest of The ACE Boys. They were out in full force last night to outcheer the competition’s measly boy cheer group. They did a great job last night and deserve a huge part of the win. My Girl and her teammates REALLY love having them there.

4 thoughts on “District Champions!

  1. Are you kidding me? Your older son goes and cheers on his little sister? In public?That is the sweetest thing! Your heart must swell with pride – I know mine would.You really raised them right!I love it!

  2. LOL..Kitty. The Boy told me last night, “I’m out there to cheer on the SENIOR players, of course”. Then he just gave me a big old grin.

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