Nothing Bothers This Kid

When The Little Boy announced he was going to play QB for his football team, his father was elated. The Man pretty much sat the bench when he played football. Living vicariously through our children’s sports, as he is want to do, the QB news was pretty sweet.

And then a couple days ago, The Little Boy, in passing, mentioned there was “a new kid” who had been on vacation and HE would be the new QB and The Little Boy would be the wide receiver. Said with a shrug and a grin…The Little Boy was over it and had moved on.

Not. So. The. Man.

It doesn’t matter that the wide receiver SCORES the touchdowns, the QB makes it happen and also leads the team. I do have to give The Man some credit, though…he was tickled pink by The Little Boy’s reaction to the entire event…pretty much like he reacts to everything. In a laid back, quiet way.

Interesting since this child emerged from the womb screaming and basically screamed for the next three years any time he was out of my sight/off my hip. If he had been the first child, he would definitely have been the ONLY child. I like to think he got it all out of his system in those first three years.

So back to The Little Boy’s first scrimmage yesterday.

There he was, leading his team in warm-ups. Usually reserved for the QB position. The Man and I were wondering what was going on. He did a lot of passing during warm-ups. What’s the deal? He started as QB in the scrimmage and was the only QB during the scrimmage (ran for 4 touch downs, by the way, one on a fumble he picked up on the left side and turned back around and ran around the right side). He outran everyone. EVERYONE. Have I mentioned he is freakishly tall? He’s only 11, but could easily pass for a 9th grader. Even six months ago, I wouldn’t exactly call him “fast”…all arms and legs, he just couldn’t seem to coordinate them and get moving in high gear. But there he was, smokin’ everyone on the run.

Oh yes, there was a whole lotta grinnin’ coming from The Man this day.

After the scrimmage, The Man asked our third child what was up with QB position? He gave us “the look” (you know the one…where they look at you like you’ve grown three heads and are speaking in alien tongue) and replied, “oh, guess they decided I’m the only quarter back after all” and kept on walking.

The Man and I, completely nonplussed by the delivery of this response gave each other a high five and followed after him like the happy, proud parents we are.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Bothers This Kid

  1. I don’t know why, but I thought he was about 15! It sounds like he handles himself so well and has a really healthy attitude about all this. What a cutie!If our son ever excels athletically or academically in something (he’s currently 15 months) I know my heart will be bursting with pride!

  2. Wah Hoo for The “Little” Boy! We have just begun the football adventure of a lifetime…our first scrimmage is next week! It is getting very exciting!

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