Time flies when you’re Lost…

A list…

1. I’m still 7 pounds down on the weight loss challenge. Woo-hoo!

2. Unfortunately, I think it is all stress/anxiety driven.

3. But I’ll take it.

4. Joining Weight Watchers on June 1.

5. But only the online version.

6. Because I know, without a doubt, that I will completely and totally blow off the meetings.

7. But I have someone to hold me accountable.

8. It is not my spouse.

9. But he’s doing Weight Watcher’s, too.

10. He just doesn’t know it.

11. I’m totally hooked on Lost again.

12. I’m glad Sayid, Jin & Bernard survived.

13. I’m sorry Kate survived. And Ben.

14. I kind of liked Charlie toward the end.

15. I knew, just KNEW, that all of the Jack “flashbacks” were really Jack “flashforwards“.

16. But then…why did he say, “go upstairs and get my father and if he’s more drunk than me…”?

17. Hmmmmm.

18. Heading off to a LONG…all weekend long, including Monday…volleyball tournament this weekend in Richmond.

19. Might be able to check in since my spousal unit is bringing his laptop.

20. Since My Girl will be rooming with the other girls, we’ll be in a hotel room, all by ourselves, all weekend long, and you know what that means!

21. Sleep, blessed sleep!

One thought on “Time flies when you’re Lost…

  1. Way to go, keeping the weight off!! I didn’t know you could join WW online- I may have to chack that out.Blessings, and thanks for the love!


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