May Day Weight Loss Challenge Update

So I got on the scale this morning and I’ve lost 7 pounds. Before I get too excited, I have to remind myself that some of that (a huge part of that, probably) was due to hormonal bloating. But, 7 pounds is still 7 pounds on the scale.

How have I done this? I’ve drastically increased my water intake. I’m not a big soda drinker and never do diet sodas because my body doesn’t process the artificial sweeteners well. I adore suh-weet tea with lemon, but I don’t need the calories. And the big one…I’ve cut back on coffee. It’s really the sugar and half&half I love…the coffee is just the conduit. I’ve even mentioned (I shudder to even type it) giving up coffee completely. Again. I say again to remind myself that I have done it before and I CAN do it again. But I sooooo love my first cup of coffee in the morning. It goes hand-in-hand with my quiet time/prayer time/bible study time. I’m thinking I can cut back to one cuppa day and immediately switch to water. With lime or lemon or oranges or anything else fruity.

What do you drink first thing in the morning????

I can so do this.

6 thoughts on “May Day Weight Loss Challenge Update

  1. if i can gain 7 pounds, you can lose 7 pounds. 🙂 first thing in the morning, i drink herbal tea. i know ya need the caffeine boost, but unfortunately i can’t have caffeine. so i’m afraid my favorite beverage will be of no help to you! one thing to think of – if you find something that you like, but can’t sweeten it artificially, try stevia.

  2. Congratulations!!Can I ask, what it sweet tea? I always read about it on all the southern ladies’ blogs. Is that a southern term for iced tea? Just wondering.Can you make your tea with Splenda? I just love Splenda. They even make baking sugar and brown sugar that is a combo of straight sugar and Splenda. It doesn’t have that yucky aftertaste like Equal and Sweet n’ Low.Anyway, what a great accomplishment!!

  3. congrats! way to go!!! who cares why you lost the 7lbs…7lbs is significant!i drink water…its part of my quest for a thinner me. never been innto tea di drink a little coffee in the winter. actually its coffee flavored cream and sugar! lol!Be Blessed!

  4. Way to go girl, good for you!I am a coffee drinker- probably goes without saying! So don’t ask me about it. Although I know that I need to cut back. Keep up the good work!

  5. Congrats! I hopped over here off of Amanda’s blog b/c your comment about making your husband pick your little one up from MDO – and they all ended up crying…It just cracked me up! Typical of all of us! Bless you sister!

  6. hey there! i hoped over from amanda and shelly’s blogs…don’t you just love getting lost in blog world to the point you don’t even know how you got to the page you’re on?! (i’m halfway there!) i’m a huge coffee drinker. like, i’ve GOT to stop. i never drank it growing up cause mom wouldn’t let me. so when i went off to college i just went crazy during my first exam week and have been hooked ever since. 🙂 i too am going to try to stop for the summer…it’s hot out anyways so i can deal with it, right?! :/i’ll be praying for you and your goals and hoping i can keep up!!!

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