And he was like…and she was like…and then I did this dance…

Living with a teenage daughter is SO VERY different from living with a teenage son, although they both crack me up on a continuous basis.My Girl is so different from what I was like one month shy of my 16th birthday. She is totally irresponsible when it comes to school and studying (it's all about [...]

Wait…THIS is my life?

I think we're wired (especially women) at an early age to be looking to the future."You're too young...""When you're older...""Someday, my prince will come...""When I graduate from high school (college) (vet school)...""When I get married...""When I am financially able to..."You get the picture.It dawned on me this morning during my quiet time that this IS [...]

I am not smarter than a 5th grader

I know because I live with one. Yesterday our 5th grader came home with spelling and a blank math test because he tanked the first go around. Fractions. Fractions and multiplication came easy to me. He (our 5th grader) actually GETS fractions, but the problem occurs somewhere between 'showing his work' and trying to pull [...]