Anyone else have an interesting nickname or call someone by an interesting nickname? My sister’s three children (Andy, freshman at VT and twins, Lindsay and Courtney, both aged 14…get it…twins…same age…). ANYWAY…when Andy was learning to talk, my sister was trying to teach him to say Aunt Susan, or Aunt Sue. It came out as Doo-Doo. It stuck. The twins call me Doo-Doo now. My sister calls me Doo-Doo. Her husband calls me Doo-Doo and even my parents, yes…my parents…call me Doo-Doo now and again.

It was really funny to go shopping with my nephew and nieces and to get out of their eyesight…and hear, “DOO-DOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”. Sometimes it would just hit me as hysterical and I would pretend it wasn’t me and laugh with all of the other store patrons. Sometimes it was just down-right embarrassing and I would slink away and catch up with them later.

The time did come when the oldest decided Doo-Doo didn’t cut it and he tried…TRIED…to start calling me Aunt Susan. Not having it. No sirreee. No way. Couldn’t stand it. Just didn’t seem right.

So. I’m stuck with Doo-Doo. I’m introduced to EVERYONE my sister knows as Doo-Doo. Or, “this is my sister” and the friend will laugh and say, “Oh. You must be Doo-Doo.”

My children think it is hysterical that their cousins (and aunt and uncle and nana and grandpa) call me Doo-Doo. What kid WOULDN’T think it was hysterical?

I have to say I’ve learned to like being Doo-Doo…

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