Too Much To Handle

My best girlfriends are pretty amazing. Here’s a pic of us. That is (a yucky photo of) me on the far left with a horrible cold. We were on a women’s retreat when this photo was taken. They are the crafty, organized, hands-on, server types. I’m the blogger. None of them had any interest in blogging.
It’s not that they don’t have wonderful things to say. They do. And they often do say them or write them to our group.
Until one of them surprised me with her own blog today…which I’ll be linking to my blog soon.
For our retreat, I threw out some ideas and a general agenda/plan for the weekend…they did the work. I love that in a best girlfriend (smirk). As it turned out, I was sicker than a dog that weekend and on top of doing everything, taking care of everything, remembering everything, they took care of me! I adore them.

One of them is our music girl. She sings; she has every CD any one of us ever mentions and or says we’re heading out to purchase; she is also our own personal video store.

One of them is the ultimate care-giver. She takes in and cares for anyone and anything. She grew up in foster homes. She has foster children. She wants to give back. And she cooks for us…Lordy…does she ever cook for us! She is the tea-party queeen.

One of them is the builder. She has the tools AND the knowledge. She built the closets in their bedroom. Framed ’em out and everything. Nothing makes her happier than to have a hammer or paint brush or nail gun in her hand. She can do anything with a power tool. Every group should have one of her.

One of them keeps us grounded. She is the most compassionate and sensitive person I have ever met. She weeps for the lost, the fallen. And she wants to help them. Not only thinks it…but acts on it.

And then one of us is the “mother hen”. She (I’m told) keeps us together, connected, thinking, won’t let anyone stray too far (although is inclined to stray herself at times, which the rest of the group gets very upset about…forgetting she is the same one that locks herself in the closet with a book and a flashlight and just “need my space”). She’s also the oldest and hates it or uses it to her advantage, depending on the circumstances and her mood…

It dawned on me that God blessed me with FOUR friends that all liked/loved/wanted to grow together because I was too much for one to handle alone. Not sure if I’m liking that revelation or not, but I’m loving His Action on it.

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  1. Ok, so I’m sleepy and need to go to bed…. what I MEANT to say was…Wow – I can’t believe you mentioned how handy I am with a drill saw and a hammer! Thanks for noticin, sweetness :0) Ha ha ha ha ha ha haP.S. I just got the last word! Love ya,me

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