Virginia Tech…

My thoughts and prayers have been with the students, faculty and Hokie parents at Virginia Tech all day. My own beloved nephew, Andy is a freshman at Tech. We have many church members attending Tech as well as neighborhood family. They are all safe and well, Praise God. I am thankful that God taught me a long time ago to say three little words…I Love You. I tell my family and friends I love them as often as I can. I IM’d with Andy today to tell him that and I phoned him on his cell a bit ago to tell him. He’s all grown up now, my Andy-Bees, but he still readily tells me he loves me and I’m thankful for that, as well. This evening my heart is with all of the parents remembering the last time they told their beloved child, “I love you”…ever.

3 thoughts on “Virginia Tech…

  1. What a beautiful post–I am so glad that your nephew’s life was spared. What a tragedy of ginormous proportions. Perhaps, the only thing larger…is the grief that all of the parents, families, and friends are experiencing for those who died. Including the family of the shooter. Yes, it is important to say I love you….often…..always. While our loved ones may be here today….we have no promise of tomorrow. Such life lessons shine through–especially at times such as these. Diane

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