August 6, 2019.

Hey Friends.

This has been my view for a week or so now. I’ve been working on websites, organizing my life, journaling, and eating Oui yogurt. (TMI but the dairy is killing me, so this is the last one for a while.) That’s my life right now, so nice chatting with you okay bye.

I guess I can find some things to write about. Mostly questions like, why do all the people behind us know exactly when I step back out onto the porch? Cue lawn mowing. Seriously, I was just inside for like 30 minutes and there was a break in all the mowers and when I sat down two minutes ago…right back to it. Also, why can’t contractors just get the job done and right the first time? Today Long Fence came back out for like the 3, 242nd time (slight exaggeration) to fix something that wasn’t right. We decided to pay someone to put the new privacy fence up because it would be quicker and less trouble. Um. Nope. As we are getting ready to think about maybe putting our house on the market within the next year or ten, we are also going to finish the finished-50-years-ago unfinished basement. I dread it. I dread the getting estimates, I dread the mess, I dread the run-around and call-backs and horribleness of it all. I told Russell, “we” should just do it “ourselves.” Quick language lesson: “We” and “ourselves” in this context always means Russell and the boys.

In other news, I am starting back and getting in shape once and for all for the millionth time. But it’s personal this time. I’m serious. And it’s happening. Because it is way past time. And man, it stinks. And it hurts. And I hate it. Until I do it. And then I’m all like, “look at me working out and getting’ it DONE.” But honestly, don’t be a Susan and let 10 years go by before you are fifty-of-a-certain-age. I just keep telling myself that soon I am going to be rocking those tank tops and cute skirts again. Just in time for winter.

In addition to all the above, I’ve been doing a lot of vacuuming. We have three dogs in da house, all over 60 pounds. Max is black and is a GSD mix, minus the GSD undercoat. It’s the only thing I really like about him. Wesson is a full bred German Shedder, I mean Shepherd, but I think you get the point. And then there is Brutus who is a walking, fur-flying, never-stops-shedding Husky. He’s my fave, even though he wins the shedding prize daily. It is because of him that I must vacuum daily. If only dog fur was as valuable as alpaca wool.

Speaking of alpaca’s, after we do finally sell our current home and move to wherever it is we might move to (tbd), I’ve already told Russell that we (see above) are going to get a place with some acreage because I want chickens, horses, a couple fainting goats, a specialty breed sheep or two, and some alpacas. I’ve been talking about it for weeks now and he is finally acknowledging that it could happen. I told him I was going to learn how to shear our sheep and alpacas and do whatever it is one does to get the wool ready to dye and use for projects. We both had a good laugh, but it could happen. He did admit that I am very focused when it comes things I want to start. Funny story about him referring to me as “focused.” We were at a marriage conference at our church back in 2009 and our first assignment was to sit and ponder for a spell and come up with one word to describe our spouse. Then we had to share that word. As each person shared their loving, incredibly descriptive, make-me-tear-up-because-you-are-so-right word, it comes around to me. “Servant” was my word to describe my life-giving husband. His word for me? Focused. I looked at him and said, “are you kidding me?” He was the only one asked to explain why he chose that word. We didn’t go back after the break nor did we return the next day. Just kidding. We did. The example he used was that each morning I have my quiet time and I get pretty irritated when it is interrupted because I’m pretty focused during it. Not my favorite explanation, for the record. But for the record…it was a good choice.

Time to get back to the vacuuming.

Chat soon.

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