May 1, 2019.

Who do you want to be?

A question my life coach has asked me several times over the last year and a half. She’s a friend first, by the way. She puts on her life coach hat as needed, for which I am always grateful. We all need someone in our life who is that for us: a friend who listens and responds as a friend; a friend who is also a life coach in real life and knows when and how to respond to us as such.

So back to the question. Who do you want to be? I tend to focus more on, “what do I want to be doing.” I think I’ve always put doing in front of being. After all, I’m all about the To Do list. This morning, I made a To Be list. And I’m going to share it with you.

  • loving, kind, helpmate (Russell’s wife)
  • friend, adviser to our children (who are all grown)
  • joyful
  • encouraging
  • fun
  • healthy (moving, eating well)
  • creative
  • obedient to God’s plan for me

I wrote out this list because I am struggling with what I need to be doing now that I am home every day after 20 years of working outside of our home. It was a relief to hear from the same friend that she, too, struggled with leaving her full time job and being at home. It was not a relief to hear she struggled for about a year! So I’m giving myself some grace and allowing myself to just be and figure out the doing later.

Share some thoughts you have about being versus doing and who you would like to be.

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