November 5 and doing the thing


Pro tip: don’t let 10 years go by before you decide to take control of your health again. I mean, it was fun while it lasted, but now? Reining in my eating, my wine consumption, my lazy-lack-of-exercising behavior? #sucks

Also, though…I am feeling so much better. Yeah…this weekend I ate the biscuit and sausage gravy at Oh George!…but only one of them. And oh yes…this weekend I consumed all the wine. Because it was good. And as I am beginning to write this on Sunday evening, yep…I’m sipping a glass of red in front of the fireplace after an absolutely amazing Sunday. And I’m working on my plan for the week and I’ve already called it on going to the gym in the morning. Not because of the time that we have been going (hello 5:00 am…I don’t even wanna think about ya), but because it will be raining and cold and wet and icky and because I have eaten all the things and I drank all the things and it’s gonna be painful.

So I did blow off heading out to the gym with Russell this morning. But I got up anyway and I’m finishing up my plan for the week, my food and exercise, my blog ideas, all with a mug of coffee and in front of the fireplace. In my workout clothes. Because the workout is still happening. It’s Monday. There is no skipping Monday workout. It will be strength training, my five-minute plank challenge (thanks, Karen McGavin), and the hip opening exercises my personal trainer insists I do every stinking day and to be honest…I’ve noticed a huge difference. My hips are loosening up and are super duper sore. Does the old #nopainnogain still apply?

So back to the eating and the workouts. I’ve focused on getting back into the habit of daily morning workouts the last couple weeks. This week, I’m focusing on the foods I eat and drink. I read somewhere that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Now that I’m done trying to prove that wrong, it’s time to get the eating on track and for me, that requires a plan. One thing I have been doing the last 6 weeks is drinking a 2 oz serving of Young Living NingXia Red every day between breakfast and lunch. It takes a couple weeks of a daily dose to really feel a difference, but the difference is huge. My energy level is off the charts, without any caffeine jitters or heart palps; my joints aren’t as stiff and sore, and my gut is definitely on the mend. Sure, I attribute some of that to working out 5 days a week and the stretching I’ve been doing pretty much daily, except that I began the daily serving of this supplement well before I got back to the gym. Here is some of the scoop on this powerful supplement  – I borrowed this from bff, Edie:


So I’ve wanted to get back into working out and eating better for a while now and hadn’t because I left out something: just do the thing. Put it on your calendar. Don’t overthink it. Recognize that it is really going to suck initially. And then it won’t. Something I keep reminding myself: I don’t have to work out today; I get to work out today. I am able to. And I’m starting to push my body a little more each time. And when I’m done…man, it is such a great feeling.

So what are you going to do today? Bag it or just do the thing?

See y’all tomorrow.

P.S. Want to get a hold of a bottle of NingXia Red? Let me know by clicking Tell me about NingXia Red!.

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