November 2 and the obvious

i have towork out1One comment from yesterday’s post got me thinking. D said she was thankful for life and was just feeling “the obvious.”

I would like to suggest that we miss the obvious more often than not. It’s like the basket on the stairs. Before our youngest came around, I had a basket on the stairs where we would put things that needed to go upstairs instead of running up and down the stairs or worse, leaving whatever it was lying around downstairs. After a day or two of not grabbing the basket to take upstairs, it would sit there for days/weeks with the same stuff in it. We were so used to seeing it, we didn’t see it anymore. It had become obvious.

I use “things” as the example here, but I’m really thinking more of the non-things that encompass our “life.”

The biggie: love. There are days I totally do not feel the love on the surface. Both receiving and giving. But when I step back and open my heart, I realize it is all around me. And all around you. From families, friends, spouses, and pets, to the stranger who holds the door open.

I try to be aware of and thankful for “the obvious” in my world. Our critters; our health; the trees in our backyard that give us shade and stay upright during storms (you better believe we thank them for that year after year!); the soft glow of candles and twinkle lights we have on timers in our home and around the outside; enough money to eat too well and buy too many things and help others; the mindset that I get to workout instead of the more negative, have to.. And let’s not forget the very obvious Holiday season we have just stepped into and everything that surrounds it.

So I challenge you to be aware of the obvious today and remark upon it, point it out, give praise for it, and share it.

See you tomorrow…obviously.

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