Meanwhile, back at the farm.

Sunday is my week planning day. I try to get my meals planned out and break down each day into chunks of things to get done that particular week. Today will be even more so. I’m finally fever free for 24 hours and tomorrow will get back on track with exercising. Food has been going well. Mostly because I have not had an appetite but when I finally did, I ate foods on my list and avoided those on my hit list. Except for dinner last night. There was good bread and I ate a slice. There was wine and I had one glass. There were fried oysters and I had that for my meal. This morning…so far so good, but I’m back to my food list choices.

I’ve always been an all or nothing girl. If I blow one meal, the entire day would be blown. If I missed one workout, the entire week’s worth of workouts would be blown. Moderation was not in my vocabulary. This time has already been different. I ate really well yesterday knowing I would indulge a bit in the evening. Even after indulging with my meal, I did not order dessert and only took one small bite of My Man’s amazing bread pudding à la mode. Now, I’m not saying I have turned into a moderation girl by any means…that does not work for me either, but I have turned into a plan ahead girl. I already know what I am going to be eating all day today including a catered lunch after church. Since I worked with the caterer to come up with the menu, I am planning around that meal. There are plenty of options today off my food list.

I’m not really about pounds lost right now, although I can tell you I am weighing myself regularly and charting it. I got this cool scale that communicates with an app…easy peasy. But I’m not focused on it. I did do measurements several months ago and haven’t worried about that either yet. Right now it is about awareness. I’m more focused on how I feel after I eat and over the next day or so. It has been super eye-opening. For months, I tried to convince myself that I was wrong about what certain foods did to me. But the evidence is clear (according to my journaling) and, although I am focusing on what I CAN eat, there is a growing list of foods I am avoiding. More on that this week.

Thank you all for the encouragement and support! Still working the kinks out of the new blogging platform and trying to get myself organized and in a groove…but as a wise friend told me recently, if we waited for the right moment…none of us would have any children (or get anything started and done, was her point).

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