Catching up on life.

Saturday mornings are so lovely…especially when spent sleeping in with your husband of 32 years. This is what empty nesting is beginning to look like…My Girl working full time, hitting the gym, time at the stable, and squeezing in time for her fiance, we might as well BE empty nesting already. And I have to admit something I never thought I would…we are really loving it. So much so, last night we looked at each other and just grinned and toasted the fun we have had…and the fun to BE had.

Don’t get me wrong; y’all know how much I love our three darlin’s. But this…this new place we are finding ourselves in? It is good. Remembering…oh, hey…we DID get married because we actually liked hanging out together. 

The Big Boy moved out and has an apartment with an old college roommate. The Wild Boy is back at Radford for year two. This weekend he is actually at Eagle Eyrie for the Kairos Collegiate/Young Adult Fall Gathering. So proud of my boys and the things they are doing and choices they have made.

Wedding plans are moving forward. We meet with the reception hall people today. In one of those wacky, must-have glitches…the person we made the reservation with has left and somehow, we were not in the books, although they had cashed our deposit. We have a contract, so we are good. If this is the only glitch…we will be lucky.

Fall has officially arrived in Virginia. The leaves took their time turning but are in full Fall glory. I’ve been spending a lot of time staring out the windows at the trees and walking the grounds at church just enjoying their beauty.

My Man started a new job recently. He is now working with the Canine Explosive Detection Program. He sends us regular pics and articles about his dogs. The entire mojo of our home has changed now that he is out of his last job. Peace and joy have returned. I write that with a grin because peace and joy is always here…unless the momma of the house ain’t happy. 

Because planning a wedding isn’t enough for My Girl and I, we both jumped onto the Women’s Ministry Team at church and are helping to kick off the new season with a gathering at our place next Saturday evening. Pray for good weather for us…we are planning an outdoor event to include fire pits, heaters and s’mores. 

Bridal Party Luncheon

My Girl has also convinced me to join her at the barn fostering a horse each. What is involved with fostering? Being at the barn every day to groom, exercise and love on our four-legged beasts and helping out with the other horses. If you have ever been around horses, you will get what I am about to say…I leave the barn totally energized and filled with a calm that I can not even imagine possible. There is a reason horses are used for therapy.

Sorry this post is so disjointed. Getting back into writing and blogging after 6 months is equally frustrating and rewarding. I plan on participating in the annual November National Blog Posting Month. Not only am I going to be posting here all month, but we are also launching our church women’s blog this month sometime. Stay tuned to see how it all goes.

My Favorite Little Monkey

See y’all tomorrow for Day 1 of NaBloPoMo!

6 thoughts on “Catching up on life.

  1. I enjoyed reading what you wrote about the time at the barn. It sounds peaceful and restoring. Beyond excited to read about more writing!!!


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