Rule #2014

Rule #2014 states, “From January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014, Susan shall not purchase any books for her own personal reading/use (other than those to be used for Monday Bible Study).” I broke Rule #2014 two days ago and purchased a book on Amazon.

I’ve always been a rule-breaker. Usually for my own selfish desires and/or wants. But I needed this book. Really, truly needed it. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and I know for a fact, that it was the only book on many of my bff’s Christmas Wish Lists.

I have been floundering, dude. Big time. Not sure what the problem is/has been. I’m coming out of it now. But ever since November or so I have just not been able to pull it together and stick with it. Or anything.

I do need to get to the bottom of it, but for now I am getting back on track, pulling myself out of the old pit and moving on.

So I had to have this book. I’m going to begin it tomorrow. I chose it not just because I’ve heard great things about it, but because I need to get back into a regular morning quiet time. I need to get back into reading scripture every morning (or so I was told by my accountability bff). And I need to get back to God. I’ve missed Him. He’s been here all along. I haven’t. He’s waited patiently for my return. For my attention to come back off Self and back on Him. It wouldn’t be so difficult if this wasn’t the 4,138th time I’ve done this. Pulled away like this. Gone turtle as Jen would say. I know He has a ton of stuff I need to be doing. I know zero of it will happen until I get back on track. Get my head in the game.

Now that I have a working stove, and it is a beauty, I plan on doing a bunch of baking. Baking soothes my soul. As does the beach, now that I think of it. Baking at the beach would be heavenly. Sorry, went to my happy soul place for a moment.

Here’s the book I just received today from Amazon, you from when I broke Rule #2014. I think it is going to be worth the rule break. If you want to order one, click on the link and it takes you to Amazon and I will receive a few pence from your purchase.

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