Dreaming of working out.

This is my current workout playlist. I’m currently into JT. Now, back in my day, JT was James Taylor. For My Girl, it is Justin Timberlake. There is no James Taylor on my playlist, I assure you, although I do still like the original (and only) JT.
One day, I will share with y’all stuff from when I was That Girl. And I’m not talking Marlo Thomas. For now, though, I will share two things:
1. That Girl was more fit. She had to workout or she would kill someone.
2. I didn’t like That Girl very much. Okay, I didn’t like her at all.
I am still working on loving This Girl. I am still trying to figure out who This Girl is. Seems like just when I start to get comfy with her, life changes. And so does she. Maybe that is who This Girl really is. Ever-Changing This Girl. 
I will share two things about This Girl that I do know:
1. This Girl is better when she is taking a mild chill pill.
2. This Girl still needs to workout.
And please, although I love y’all so very much, please don’t email me, text me, comment on all of the things YOU like about This Girl. I appreciate it. And you. I do. That’s not my point here. If you want to, however, I will take your encouragement and butt-kickin’ on needing to workout. 
That’s all I have for you today. I’m still trying to figure out the blogging schedule/subjects/do I even need to blog stuff. 
And, because I am all about keeping it realz…yes, I have ordered and just received a book. One book, 17 days into January. Not bad for This Girl. Funny, isn’t it? This is the book I ordered and received today:


Love you guys.

One thought on “Dreaming of working out.

  1. OMG that was a mistake! If you actually want an ass chewing for not working out you will CERTAINLY get one from me! Now, tomorrow I want to see a post about what workout you DID. If I do not see said workout, you will get said ass chewing.

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