Almost a week into January and here I sit…

Some things that are on my mind lately.

Yesterday at church, a sweet friend walked up to me and told me she loved my hair cut. I immediately started in with, “oh, I’ve already had to color it since I got it cut (and colored) three weeks ago!” and “it already needs a trim.” And blahblahblah. The more I brushed it off (no pun intended), the more she just looked at me. *you know who you are and I am so sorry I blabbered on like such an idiot! Thank you, C, for the comment about my hair!*

So here’s the thing. Why can’t we (I?) just accept a complement and say, “thank you!” Am I the only woman who does this? I do it all. the. time. Is it embarrassment? It just seems flat out rude to me not to say thank you and move on. Weigh on in here, ladies.

Saturday, My Man and I attended a wedding. As a rule, I am not a huge fan of weddings since Andy died. They remind me now of what will never be for him and for the rest of our family. Especially since he was shopping for rings with Megs a couple days before he died. Wedding. Saturday. My Man was in the sound booth for the wedding and I sat with a couple of friends. Now, I know my bff’s pretty well and as soon as the music started and we stood up I looked over at one to make sure she was already crying. She was. Made my heart so happy to see the tears streaming down her face already. It is one of the things I absolutely love about her. As we settled into the wedding, for the first time in two plus years, I was able to relax a little and just be happy for the bride and groom. Our new Pastor did an awesome job. And I really listened to everything he said and (does anyone else do this?) with each charge he made to them and they to each other, I thought about my own marriage and how I was doing in each area. Not how Russell was doing, but how I was doing. It was quite the eye-opener. I realized I should be doing a lot better. I looked up to the sound booth a few times and caught his eye a time or two. We haven’t discussed it. But I am thinking he was probably thinking the same thing. You know…how I could be doing better. But really, it did speak to my heart.

Anyone else finding it difficult to get back in the swing of things after the Holidays? All of the (trillions) of things I want to get started on? Meh. Sitting here in front of the fireplace typing this up and looking around at my Christmas-bare living room and just don’t know what to do first. Have y’all found it easy to jump back in and get going on things? Or are you sitting on your couch wondering where in the world to begin (like me)?

Stay safe and warm…the Arctic Vortex is apparently upon us.

3 thoughts on “Almost a week into January and here I sit…

  1. So with you ion this one!!! I do the same thing with compliments and scratch my head afterwards wondering why I did that. Grrr!

    I know who you are talking about crying. I find myself in church at times when I feel particularly moved and am teary eyed looking around for her cuz I know she will be doing the same. Gosh I miss you guys!!!

  2. I love our crier friend, too! I bet she's never thought of it this way, but it really is a gift from God because she can make the rest of us relax and let the tears flow.
    As for feeling overwhelmed and blah, I'm with you 100% on that. That would be my explanation for still having my house totally decorated for Christmas. I think that with all the blah that January brings, taking down those festive decorations just makes it that much worse. So, for today, I'll go about doing other things and enjoy my decorations. Maybe I'll get to them tomorrow.

  3. I am the crier at my church! Sometimes the sense of God's love is just so overwhelming. And, as hard as it is, I am grateful Jeffrey is in his arms, even though I'd rather have him here.

    You're right about weddings. Absolutely.

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