If there is cat barf on the Christmas Tree skirt, it must be Wednesday.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Wednesday. Sure it has a classy nickname, “Hump Day,” with an entire commercial dedicated to it. It does signify the middle of the week. If you are a glass-half-full person, that means only two days left in the work week. Or, if you are a glass-half-empty kinda girl like me, panic because that means only two days left in the work week with a whole lot of work left to do.

This morning, as I was straightening the Christmas Tree skirt for the 3,468th time, I stuck my hand in a glop of sticky tree sap. Except it was cat barf. Really? I mean it isn’t enough that the cats roll around in the skirt material, eventually dragging it half way across the living room floor 22 times a day? Oh, sure, we could tie the ends together so they wouldn’t be able to carry it away, but we learned that lesson the hard way. Fact: a tree falling in the dark in the middle of the night in the living room really does make a sound.

Current state of living room tree

The entire two rows of tree branches are now devoid of ornaments. Most I have had to move up the tree. Some, however, have completely disappeared leaving only the little crown attached to a hook as evidence that they ever existed. *which could explain the cat barf* It was less work protecting the tree when the kids were toddlers.

I put up a fake tree in the dining room for the first time ever. The cats and puppy are leaving the ornaments alone on that tree. And eating the fake needles, instead. Right off the fake branches. That tree is firmly(?) secured to the window pane with fishing line. If my critters read my blog, they will take that as a challenge.

Having two trees up instead of one caused several other unique problems. I shared with you, my 6 dear readers, awhile ago that I had finally hit the too-much-stuff-in-this-house wall and there was not a single available “has its own place” spot left in my house. Try putting up two Christmas trees in your house. There is now stuff stacked to the ceiling in the basement. No one but me seems bothered by this as it has not deterred the boys at all from having a crowd of people over to sit around down there on the newly arranged furniture from the living room and dining room to play video games whilst eating all my food. Thank goodness, as I wouldn’t want to upset their routine or anything.

I’m doing my Christmas shopping in bits and pieces online. Everything is going to be delivered at one time, however. Again, what do I do with it as there is no room left in the inn? I suppose I will have to start wrapping as soon as it all comes in this week and put it all under the tree…at least the wrapping paper will protect the gifts from the cat barf. None of the gifts I have ordered that need to be mailed to family has been delivered or even shipped yet. I foresee a mad dash to the post office, standing in line for hours, sending the boxes overnight at a cost 3x what the gifts cost. For Russell. Again. I think it is only fair that he has to be the one to do that since I spend hours online ordering the gifts, opening the boxes they arrive in, wrapping them in pretty paper (no bows, no ribbon) and repacking them and slapping a label on them. It’s the least he can do. Well, that and putting up all the outside lights, driving from store to store to find the exact replacement lights I want and hitting the mall two days before Christmas to get whatever I have forgotten. See? Fifty-fifty. That’s what marriage is all about. *says the people who are all divorced*

Love you guys. It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

9 thoughts on “If there is cat barf on the Christmas Tree skirt, it must be Wednesday.

  1. No cat barf on the tree skirt yet but there certainly is a lot of cat hair. He could not wait for me to get the skirts down so that he could bed down in all three.

    I'm seriously with you about fluffing the tree branches. Everytime is walk by I adjust something. If I am not fluffing if am re-arranging the ornaments. I mean really who puts breakable ornaments on the bottom of the tree with animals?

  2. No barf on the tree skirt, but our kitties were SERIOUSLY pissed off we spent the night away last Friday. We (stupidly) left the open suitcase on the floor Saturday night, and awakened to a cat peeing in it. Darn…I love my kitties, I love my kitties, I love my kitties…..

  3. Kristy, we put only the non-breakables at the bottom and they are all gone now…moved or eaten (presumably). Thankfully, the glass ones that I thought were safe landed in the (cat barf coated) tree skirt.

  4. Ugh, Joyce. Chloe likes to climb into our suitcases, but thankfully…no one gets so mad that they pee. They just ignore us for a day or twelve.

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