A List. For Tuesday. And for Diane S-S.

1. I was checking out my blog stats the other day and was absolutely blown away by y’all. Thank you so much! So, only 6 of you are commenting regularly…what is up with you 75-100 other regular folks? Please pop in with a comment, just to say Hey. I have to have “traffic” on my blog before I can go all commercial on you.

2. Maybe once I get more serious about my writing…the “traffic” will come?

3. It is 10:40pm. I’m waiting for the 100 or so pics I just edited to upload to Flickr. Senior Football Banquet pics. It was a fun night. We had a blast setting up. Good people. Thankful for them in my life.

4. One day, in the future, I will share with y’all about the last two football years. Maybe in that book I’m going to write someday. I will just drop a teaser on you. It is amazing the impact a life-changing event has on the little bits and pieces of life…that we don’t even realize or think about until we look back.

5. This morning, after finally snatching a solid two hour sleep after a week of pretty much cat-napping, I got some church work done and then tackled the kitchen. From top to bottom. I spent the entire day on it. God help the pitiful fool who dares to eat, cook or otherwise touch anything in that kitchen. From now on.

6. Tomorrow I tackle the dining room and living room, which won’t take as long. Getting the house ready for The Holiday Season! I love it. I can’t wait for the boys to pull the 38 boxes out of the attic so I can start rediscovering all the treasures. Did I share with y’all that a couple years ago our neighbor, Flo, was over helping us decorate the tree. The previous year, I had finally sorted all of the kids homemade ornaments and made each of them their own bag o’ treasures. I must have been baking or doing laundry or something, but when I came back into the living room I noticed a bunch of the kids’ homemade ornaments on the tree. I looked around and there was Flo sitting in the middle of all of the kids’ ornaments which she had dumped, bag by bag, into one big happy pile on the floor. I took that to mean it wasn’t time to save those treasures for later and every year since they are back on the tree. This is our first Christmas without Flo. Since it was her favorite time of year, and she passed away a couple weeks before Christmas, she will especially be on my heart.

7. As I was editing the photos from the Senior Football Banquet, I ran across a few of me with my family. My family looks awesome. I just look fat. Just calling it like it is. I’ve never, ever, been this…voluptuous. I realized today, thanks to the dreaded “S” word *scale* that I have gained 40 pounds in the last 2.5 years. FORTY POUNDS. I won’t bore you with the whining. I’m taking it up with myself first thing in the morning.

8. Have y’all heard about this new “game”…the Knockout Game? I was dumbfounded when I saw it on the news. Have people completely lost their minds? Like I said…dumbfounded. I don’t even know where to start.

9. So be honest. Do you get a tad melancholy during Thanksgiving and Christmas? I don’t. But when that consistently frigid air moves in around mid-January, the only thing that picks up my mood is lots and lots of presents. The Wild Boy’s birthday is January 30 and mine is January 31. He will be…oh-my-Lord-no Eighteen on his next birthday. I will be turning a lovely little number that no one really needs to know. My Man already purchased the standard boy-turns-18 birthday gift that may, or may not, include a bunch of manly tools. What does The Wild Boy really want for his 18th birthday? Firearms. And ammo. True story. I’m still not sure how I ended up with these redneck, firearm-packing children.

10. Finally, number 10. Have I ever mentioned that I despise odd numbers? Did you notice I have three children…an odd number? At the first mention of rounding out our number to a lovely four children…My Man ran for the nearest phone and made a few calls and before I knew it, we were sitting in the doc’s office. No number four child for us. This birthday coming up is an odd numbered birthday for me. So I am ignoring it. That does not mean, however, that I don’t want presents. Because I do. Just to be clear.

Love you guys.

10 thoughts on “A List. For Tuesday. And for Diane S-S.

  1. Love the image of Flo, what a special woman.

    I so understand the feelings on the weight gain although personally I refer to it as ” personal growth”. And truly sometimes when life is handing you lots of other stuff diet and exercise take a back seat. I have found that to be true and I have found it to be ok. We make our way back to it , in our own way and in our own time. I have seen , I think, recent pis of you and you are beautiful. There has never been a time I've looked at a pic of you and thought ” oh I see 40 extra pounds”. I always see a beautiful smile and a warm loving lovely woman.


  2. Patty, you are such a sweetheart. It has been a rough couple of years, to say the least, but I long for the good old days when I would exercise for stress relief instead of self-medicate with food and wine. But you are right…we have to get to a certain place…that probably has nothing to do with a number on a the scale…before we start making changes and heading back in the right direction! I'm there.


  3. You are so absolutely right that you have to get to a certain place. You can't do anything about weight unless YOU really want it. It's just too hard to do if for someone else. And, like Patty said, I have NEVER looked at a pic of you and thought anything other than how great you look! Just sayin'!! When you get done in your house can you come help with mine? But we can't throw anything away because I might need it later! LOL…


  4. Gorgeous! I agree with Patty and Joyce.
    Thanks for peeks at your reflections. You have a very special way of reminding us of what is really important…the blessings of the special people God has put in our lives…..like YOU! πŸ™‚
    Love and Hugs! Can't wait to See you tomorrow!


  5. Gorgeous! I agree with Patty and Joyce. Thanks for peeks at your reflections. You have a very special way of reminding us of what is really important…the blessings of the special people God has put in our lives…..like YOU! :)Love and Hugs! Can't wait to See you tomorrow!


  6. 1. I love lists. They keep people organized. No lists = nothing done in my world.
    2. Can't wait for that book. And since you put that in writing I will hold you to it.
    3. As I just told my Mom who is concerned about her broken pound cake, it's what's on the inside that counts.
    4. Having said that, your outside ,especially your smile, is marvelous.
    Ps pound cake was delish….just sayin doesn't matter about the outside…


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