Stuff, Stuff, everywhere.

I had planned on posting about my Christmas Binder this morning. That post will now be Monday’s post. Hopefully.

You see, I am waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks of the I-have-too-much-stuff-and-it-is-overwhelming variety.

Hello, my name is Susan and I have a serious addiction to stuff.
Hello, my name is Susan and I am one step away from being a certified hoarder.
Hello, my name is Susan and yes, that is a dumpster parked in my driveway because I am Cleaning This Place Up.

I’m starting with the dining room today. I am pretending I don’t see the Great Dane accommodating dog crate taking up exactly one quarter of my dining room space. I think My Girl will be moving it to the basement today and the boys can deal with it down there. Or, My Man just suggested My Girl move it back up to her room. It is her puppy, after all. So that is the current plan. And it will be done TODAY.

My mantra for this cleaning-this-place-out endeavor is the following:

1. Do I have emotional attachment to this? (as in did it belong to someone I love or does it have special meaning?)
2. Do I use it?
3. Do I have a place for it right now?
4. Can I replace it if I have to?

Finally, for every one thing I keep, I am getting rid of at least one thing and, ideally, two things. What will I do with the things I am cleaning out? If it is something that one of my darlings really wants, I will pack it up for them. If not, it will go to one of two places, depending on what it is. ECHO or Treasure Trove.

How do y’all keep up with the stuff? Do you do regular stuff-culling sessions? Decide as you bring it in where it goes and what, if anything, goes out because of this new item? Does anyone else keep lists of what ornaments they have? Ignore that last question if it seems too OCDish for anyone out there.

Okay, I’m off and running to the dining room. Send reinforcements if you don’t hear from me in a day or two!

Love you guys.

8 thoughts on “Stuff, Stuff, everywhere.

  1. I have been keeping our stuff count lower by having numerous yard sales during the warm season. I have read that your was a nightmare but I really like spending the day outside (usually with a friend) and dealing with customers OR just having quiet time (a rare thing with Little if you recall…) when there aren't any. As for ornaments, I don't keep a record of all of them. I DO keep track of the children's though. They get a new ornament every year for the tree and then each have a little Christmas notebook that I record the year, the ornament, and why I chose that one for them. Every year when we put up the tree they love to look through the notebook and read about their ornaments. 🙂

  2. I LOVE that idea, Sarah! Brilliant, really. Wish I had done that. I tried to hide my OCDness for years. I remember once, after newly married, a neighbor came over while I had all of our ornaments out (in July) and I was writing them all down and what I remembered about them and after I told her what I was doing, she left muttering about my psychosis, lol. Back then I used to care what people thought. Now I only care about what the voices in my head think.

    *just kidding*

  3. Helloooo you have seen my house. Hi I'm Kristy and i have a problem with pigs!!! 🙂 Since this move I have been culling some of those items…trying to pare it down to antique/retro ones. All those that didn't make the cut…some got packed away and other were thrown away. I'm soooo sentimental that this type of cleaning is extremely hard for me. Now clothes…that is another story. My mantra is if I have not had it on my body in the last year no matter what it goes away. That has been working out pretty well. Still have a hard time conquering the one thing in and one thing out.

  4. When we moved every two years, it was soooo easy to keep the stuff down (we did have a moving weight limit)! Now, I'm feeling the weight of the stuff, too! Started this fall to start cleaning out. First, with extra bedroom since that one didn't have quite as much stuff in it. Just worked on the pantry this week!I'm cheering you on! Also, sometimes helps to have a buddy (who has offered to help) who is not attached so much to your stuff to help out. Just sayin'!

  5. Wait are you starting your 7 thing already? WOW. I am impressed. That's awesome that you are jumping in. 😀

    Ok, recording xmas ornament?! Whoa. Seriously there are drugs for OCD! I was gonna “mention” your last blog about having multiple lists…as in, WHO DOES THAT? I am LUCKY if I make the effort to write down a grocery list. That is huge. Doesn't everybody walk down the isles and look at stuff and let it jog ur memory–if you need it you'll know! Right?! (Ok maybe I need to have some ocd in my life).Still, what would happen if you didn't chronicle all your ornaments???

    Not a Lister

  6. Val…after the New Year, you can bet I will coveting your (offered) help! I know you have been working hard on your own home…maybe by then you will be available 🙂

  7. Makes lists; keeps track of ornaments; lines up extra tootbrushes by color, blah blah blah…

    It's not an illness…it's a way of life!

    lol…Di S.

  8. We cleaned out the garage recently – well, HALF the garage, cause the man is a hoarder too. But I threw the get rid of's in either trash/recycle or donate. Then I had the man back up a truck load it up and run. Now, if he would just do the OTHER half, I could actually PARK in the garage … what a concept!
    My mom keeps a bag in every closet. If you buy something, you have to put something else in the bag. When the bag is full, it gets donated. BOOM. She is disciplined though. Me? Not-so-much.

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