The Season.

The leaves wiggle on their limbs
marigold, lime, rose in color.
Mums fading in their summer resting place
their season of color burst
Sun warmth pushing aside
the cool breeze chant:
Fall is here!
Winter is coming!
Fur thickens
as leaves slip quietly to the ground.
The air is crisp
with the promises of gloves.
Fire snapping and popping with heat 
sends out slivers of grey smoke to
fill backdrops with a deep woods scent.
Long relaxing days step aside for
frantic grasping of light.
The ending gives rise to a new Season.
He is coming!
The Christ Child is coming!
Let us rejoice!

6 thoughts on “The Season.

  1. Beautiful Susan. Only one more warm winter and then (hopefully) we'll get to experience all you have just written. Of course then I'll be whining how cold I am, but for now I'm nostalgic.


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