Living with Fibromyalgia? Nope.

I sat waiting for Thomas to come into the room. Alone with my thoughts, I reflected on the path to being open to weekly appointments with an acupuncturist. Fatigue, pain, anxiety, desperation…all led me here. I heard his footsteps in the hall, and I realized that for the first time in a year, I didn’t have one iota of pain. I mentally ran down my body parts…pain in lower back? No. Pain in legs? No. Right ankle pain? Nope. I broke into a huge grin as Thomas knocked lightly on the door and stepped in. He looked at me and also smiled widely and said, “you are feeling good today, aren’t you?” “Yes!”

Seriously one of the best days in a long, long, time. I went on to totally blow that day by stopping at Chick-fil-a on the way home to celebrate, but that only served to strengthen my resolve.

Food is a huge contributor to my Fibromyalgia symptoms. I honestly never realized how food radically changes how my body feels throughout the day. A couple of the “healthy” foods that we are encouraged to eat, are actually poison in my body: bananas, oatmeal, nuts and chicken, for example. All four of these foods send my body crashing into fatigue and pain and physically raise my anxiety levels. Don’t even talk to me about the coffee and caffeine and half and half because I am refusing to acknowledge that any changes need to be made with regard to my morning cup of Joe. For the safety of my family and community.

Actually, I have realized that the first thing I put into my body in the morning sets the tone for my eating and how my body feels for the entire day. caffeine, sugar and dairy do not make for an energy filled, good-eating day. My family and my community are now on notice: my morning fix is fixing to end.

I had thought this post would be about living with Fibromyalgia, Part 2. But I decided that I’m done with “woe is me and my pain” and I’m moving on. While it’s true that I can’t control whether or not I actually have Fibromyalgia, I do have a real control over my symptoms, most days. Dealing with daily stress in a healthy way, eating well (which for me means more veggies and fruit, less white stuff), and getting enough rest are key.

As I am writing this post, I am on hold with my credit union because I am currently “locked out” of my online access because said credit union has completely revamped security and the site. When attempting to log in, aka “jumping through 20+ hoops” I have now been locked out. The Big Boy was locked out from his first access attempt today so I feel lucky that I made it almost to actually being able to access my account. However, now I am 987 in line to speak with a member service representative…the only way to get my account “unlocked.” I feel my heart pounding a little harder as I try to remain calm. In the grand scheme of things, this is minor. I will attempt to keep the frustration out of my voice if and when I finally get through to a live person. *I make no guarantees that I will be 100% successful, however* Also, the continued, “we appreciate your patience; please continue to hold and the next available online representative will be with you shortly” is only fueling my frustration as every time the music ends, I think I’ve finally connected with a real person. *sigh* *inhale deeply…exhale deeply* So far…twelve minutes in on this wait.

The Wild Boy’s very last football game is this Friday. He has decided not to pursue playing in college so this really is the end. I have to admit to y’all, and do not tell My Man, that I am relieved. As much as I have enjoyed watching our three children play soccer, baseball, football, volleyball and swim…I was always anxious watching them participate. With the Wild Boy’s shoulder injury requiring surgery, that pretty much did it for me. This season did not go as planned for him and I think he also is relieved it is finally coming to an end. Time to move on.

Speaking of moving on…we are now 20 minutes into the wait to speak with a human.

Just to give you an idea of some of the things I will be focusing on this week regarding food and health:

:: drink more water
:: nothing fried
:: green leafy veggies at two meals each day

We interrupt this list for an important announcement: 22 minutes into my wait, I got a real live person and it took 15 seconds to reset my account and I am in. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

:: red meat only once a week
:: yes, you read that correctly
:: several full vegan days each week
:: fish is cool

That’s where I am beginning tomorrow morning. My first cuppa of the day will be Green Tea followed up by a bottle of water. I will let you know how it’s going.

Love you guys.

3 thoughts on “Living with Fibromyalgia? Nope.

  1. You can do this! I am so thrilled to read this post. Gives me umph to make some healthier changes as well! # ugotthiswhetheruknowitornot

  2. Our pastor years ago used to say “In the light of Eternity, will this really matter?” I loved that.

    I do however think I'll work hard to stay on your good side while you're going through withdrawal!

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