How to Leave a Comment on This Girl…

Happy November 1! I am determined, and a tad loco, to blog every day this month. I am starting with a short tutorial on how to leave a comment on my blog.

When you are on my blog, make sure you are on an individual post and not just on my blog. For example, if you are just on my blog, you will be able to scroll down through and see several different posts. If you are on a specific post, you will only see the one post and the URL at the top will look something like this:

In order to click on an individual post, all you have to do is click on the subject line of the post you would like to comment on and at the bottom of the post look for “Post a Comment” below my signature line.

Click on “Post a Comment” and this will pop up:

Type in your comment in the box under “Leave me a comment here:”

After you are finished typing your comment, you will need to prove you’re not a robot and type in the verification phrases which are highlighted in yellow by me below:

I have typed in the verification phrases (the numbers “2044” and letters “csiteadl) highlighted in yellow under “Please prove you are not a robot” into the “Type the text:” box.

Next you will need to “Choose an Identify.” If you have a Google account already or an AIM or WordPress (under Open ID), you can click on those buttons. Most of you will most likely fall in the “Name/URL” category. Just type in your name (first name only, if you would like) and under URL, type in your blog URL, if you have one. If not, leave the URL box blank. Click on Publish Your Comment and you are done!

I am the worst teacher ever when it comes to computer stuff so if you can’t make heads nor tails of this little tutorial, leave me a comment on Facebook with any questions you might have.

Love you guys and see you tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “How to Leave a Comment on This Girl…

  1. OMGosh…this is so funny! It's not hard, people!!!(just sayin')

    I, for one, will continue to leave you comments. (On your blog, not on your FB post.)

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