I love books. Every time My Man brings up purchasing a Kindle or iPad or some other fun reader type techy thingy, my initial reaction is always, “yes! Let me look at them and I’ll email you the link of the one I have to have!” So I start scouring the Internet searching for just the right gadget. Very quickly, however, I realize that, while I would love to have an iPad or Kindle, I still love books. I have an iPhone; I have a laptop; I have an iMac…and I have lots and lots of books.

See…the thing is, I know me. I know that even if I loaded every single book I own onto a Kindle, I would not be able to part with the actual book. I love the feel of books; I love the smell of books; I love to write in my books; I love to highlight in my books. I fold over pages; I stick things in my books. I can’t get rid of my books.

Last week, I decided I was going to have to get rid of some of my books. *shudder* I plopped down on a stool in front of one of my bookcases and started to sort. (Did I mention I have stacks of books in my living room, dining room, bedroom and office? Not to mention a shelf of cooking books in my kitchen. I have yet to touch any of those.) As I was saying, I sorted, stacked, and decided to stick with my current system and started putting books on shelves. Top shelf…bibles and books on Jesus, alphabetized by author last name. Second shelf…books on individual books of the bible and people of the bible. Third shelf…generic fiction and non-fiction religious books, by author last name. Fourth and fifth shelves…devotionals and all of my bible study books and work books. Whew. I looked over at my “discard” pile and discovered…two books. TWO STINKING BOOKS. That is all I could weed out. I know I have to do better. I am sure I will do better. Next up I am working on the other book shelf. Cook books, fiction and non-fiction books of all subjects and my book sets…Narnia, Francine Rivers, Little House, Beatrix Potter, etc. I imagine I will be able to part with some of the cook books, but anything else…not so sure.

Because I clearly have a serious problem book addiction, I have decided *gulp* to not buy any books in 2013. That is all of 2013…12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds *thanks Wikipedia* without purchasing a single book. Just re-reading that line makes my stomach hurt. I will add one caveat…I can still purchase bible study workbooks. That means I will be able to get my fix by purchasing maybe 3 workbooks. Probably only 2. I’m sort of hyperventilating about it right now. And also purchasing books like crazy. It’s true. I’ve purchased about 10 books since September 1. If you want to check out the books I’ve purchased recently and in the past, you can click here to check out my eStore. It’s also accessible from the front page of my blog.

So come on…admit it…what vices/addictions do y’all have? Admitting is the first step to recovery!

Love you guys and chat soon…most likely tomorrow. Hugs!

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  1. I too am addicted to books! Hubby has gotten really annoyed because I have piles of books on the floor because I have run out of bookcases. 🙁 My other addiction is movies. Growing up I wanted to own a movie theater and volunteered at on on post when I was in HS. Still love movies but the price keeps me from going as often as I'd like. So… I buy blu-rays and DVDs. I have three shelving units of those and then some piles. :/ Feel free to come borrow whatever you need during your 2013 book fast. 🙂

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