Day 3. Easter Week.

NCIS (okay, admit are surprised it took me to Day 3 to add this one)black dawgmy mother-in-love, Katie, my wild boy and I are all January babiesgarnet jewelry that belonged to Katietart burners and tarts my sister gives memy back porchtexting with my sisterweight liftingthe way wild boy calls me, "momma"strawberriesoatmeal chocolate chip cookie [...]

Day 1. Easter Week.

Feeling the need to push myself to consistently blog for a period of time, I will post some things I'm thankful for, every day gifts I recognize, or maybe even just some blurted out thoughts each day this week. Here we go.Sunday mornings have a different-from-every-other-day-of-the-week feelingyoga pantsĀ green pollen slime heralding the arrival of SpringUA [...]