Thursday Thankfuls.

Because I love me a list.

Today I’m thankful for:

  • warm kitty breath on my face to wake me up in the morning. *which quickly turns to kitty bum in the face if I don’t wake up quickly*
  • a toasty, comfy home to wake up in on 30 degree mornings. 
  • coffee, lots and lots of yummy coffee. with whipping cream and turbinado sugar because I’m over the top like that.
  • sunrises. I’ve always been a night-owl-sleep-in-girl. I’ve missed so many incredible sunrises. now I recognize that a sunrise, even the palest shade of color, is worth getting up for.
  • a grumpy, silent 15 year old boy who will turn 16 in less than 2 months. He is not a morning person. Just like his momma at that age.
  • a husband who is determined to honor his mother by taking care of his father. A father who was, and is, difficult, at best.
  • friends who don’t take, “I’m fine” as an answer to the question, “how are you, really?”
  • a walking buddy who recognizes I just need a break right now, but that I truly do miss time with her every morning. I promise I have not broken up with you, Annette!
  • far away friends, some I’ve never met yet in real life, who check up on us regularly.
  • bible study. I love a good bible study. With lots of daily homework. We are getting ready to dive into the Book of James on January 9. I am so psyched. I have already started reading James and reviewing the sample download of the study. You can find it here.
  • all of you. Now, please log in and comment so I’m a little more encouraged to keep writing. Not that my mom encouraging me to continue writing doesn’t count. It does. Thanks, Mom!
Love you guys. See y’all soon.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfuls.

  1. Good morning I so enjoy your blogs. Good luck today yat greensprings. Let me know where he will be located.

  2. Susan, Keep it up! You are a blessing and your words an encouragement. Life can be difficult and you face every day with grace, laughter and sometimes tears. A great reminder of how God calls us to be His hands/heart to shine for others. Although I just started reading your blog, I know when my day gets crazy I can turn to your blog to brighten my outlook. Enjoy James….

    Nancy in the Lone Star State

  3. Hey, Susan! I've been reading your blog, and I'm right around the corner, so it's kind of in 3-D . . . Because I can actually witness some of the things you are talking about…. Your cheery Christmas lights and your adorable blow-up snowmen who replaced the equally adorable blow-up turkey. Oh and there really is a portable potty in the carport. Since I got a shout out in one of your entries, I am obligated to post a comment. That's some kind of blog rule, right? Miss our walks & talks but I have not been all that ambitious these days! Keep writing, Please!

  4. Way to go Annette…so blog savvy! I will continue writing as long as my family, animals and peep keep giving me material 🙂

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