Droid Friday Photos.

My Man got the fireplace going! For 15 seconds. *and yes, that is a duck pin on my mantel…don’t ask* 

 I keep forgetting to show this to My Man. *He* loves Angry Birds!

 My fave niece, Courtney. Not to be confused with my fave niece, Minz or my other fave niece, Courtenay. *thankful I don’t have more nieces*

 This is why I go to bed at night. 


 The Cat Whisperer. He hates them, they love him.

 Thanksgiving Morning Tradition.

Meagan, My Fave Barista loves to write on the lids of my cups…just a little thing we have going.

Love you guys. See y’all tomorrow! Or, maybe later with some pics from Operation Christmas Tree Farm…

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