It is Wednesday. It is Random.

Just wanted y’all to know that while I am sitting here typing this up, I am balling like a baby. This part is NOT random. I have so many incredible women in my life that just overwhelm me with their love, compassion, and Godliness. In our bible study session Monday, our fearless leader, Jeanie, pointed at each of us and asked us what we were going to do this week to respond to the prodding of our Savior and reach out to whomever He lays on our hearts. The next day, she sent out an email to our group sharing with us that she did, indeed, follow through and wrote the two women God laid on her heart and then basically said, “next?” And the emails started flowing in. Each of us shared our response to Jeanie’s challenge. I have been reading these today and that is what has me balling like a baby. Reminding me of the amazing women God has blessed me with here at my church, in my ‘hood, in my path through The Twitter, blogging, Facebook…

Okay, because I hate to always be serious and stuff…on to the random:

:: My Man was emptying the dishwasher last night and I heard him bust out laughing. In he walked and handed me my reading glasses. And yes, they did have water spots on them. *time to switch dishwasher brands*

:: The Big Boy and his roomie, Theo, woke up this morning (I’m sure by Her Royal Evilness climbing all over their faces) and promptly positioned themselves on the couch for a Super Smash Brothers Battle. My Girl announced she was making breakfast and soon delivered egg, bacon & cheese burritos to each of us. I was in Heaven.

:: Until Her Evilness snatched two pieces of bacon off the counter and devoured them. *bad kitty*

:: Yesterday, my niece, Courtney, came over and hung out with me. I loved it. I rarely have extended time with any of my nieces or nephews alone and I, of course, put her right to work. I’m sure she is anxious to come back and spend some quality time with Doo-Doo* very soon!

*Andy, when he first started talking, tried to say Sue-Sue and it came out Doo-Doo and now it has stuck. And I love it, by the way. 

:: If you haven’t yet, please pop back over to yesterday’s post and share what you are cooking/
bringing/baking/making for Thanksgiving tomorrow. It is true that I live vicariously through everyone else’s food.

:: Back to a serious thought or two (they are so fleeting, I have to get them down on paper immediately). I told y’all earlier this week that I have missed reading and studying the Word and communicating with God. Our last Bible Study session is this Monday. I’m looking for something to fill the space before we begin James on January 9 and I’m asking for your ideas. Please!

:: And at the risk of bursting out in tears again (sheesh), can I selfishly ask y’all to pray for my baby sister, Jenny and her Man, Al and their sweet girls, Courtney and Lindsay and my mom and dad, Judy and Phil. Their pain is unbearable with the Holiday season here and Andy gone.

:: Okay, I need to finish up working on the announcements for church and, as a sidebar, can I just say that I Love My Job.

Love you guys. Mean it. See y’all tomorrow and hug your loved ones extra hard while you are all together this Holiday season.

*also…every time I read through this I start to cry again so I apologize for any typos or other such nonsense.

5 thoughts on “It is Wednesday. It is Random.

  1. I made the mistake of just reading through again AND Casting Crowns started singing Silent Night on Pandora and now…you guessed it. Mopping up the tears.

    I am a mess.


  2. Oh girl. HUGS! Love you (even though I never call … I figured you would not be able to hear my sultry voice over all the “mama, who is it?” And “Mama, I wanna talk”s! But I do love you! Mucho!


  3. I am constantly amazed at your insight. I love reading your blog. I am making pies and I had a centerpiece delivered. That's my contribution to my sister's Thanksgiving dinner! Sad, but absolutely perfect for me this year!!


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