Monday Madness.

1. Apparently I have been quite pitiful lately. I received three cards of encouragement last week from three different people. I felt very loved and blessed. Thank you sweet people…you know who you are.

2. The packing and clearing out at father-in-law’s home is progressing. It’s a vicious cycle. Packing and moving his stuff out of his house and a lot of it coming straight into ours. Pictures, valuables, anything that we don’t want to put into storage and that is not going with him to Greensprings. At least not yet, anyway.

3. My mom and dad just expressed surprise at my writing abilities. They told me today that they noticed I didn’t have a new blog post up. I have always been a writer. I have just rarely shared. All part of the stepping out of my comfort zone nudge (push?) I have been feeling.

*gratuitous Chloe pic*

4. Is there a better show than NCIS? I. Think. Not.

5. Is it just me or has The Office really lost it’s mojo? Very sad.

6. What are y’all doing for Thanksgiving? What foods are you cooking/baking/eating? Be specific.

7. Shawn comes home tomorrow with one of my favorite Shawn-roomies…Theodor.

8. It is already November 21 and I have yet to watch Elf. I am going to have to remedy that ASELFP.

9. Although January is sort of a long way off, several pretty substantial events will be occurring: Our morning bible study group will be tackling Beth Moore’s James study and frankly…we are all PUMPED; my baby turns *gulp* SIXTEEN; and I officially move “into my 50’s”. Ouch on that last one.

10. Since I always have to have TEN items of randomness and couldn’t come up with #10…this is it.

11. Oh! I do have a #10 after all…I am STILL avoiding That Post I know I have to write eventually and I’m currently writing a post that is kinda hard to write. Not sure if you will ever see the former, but you will eventually read the latter.

Love you guys. See y’all tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Monday Madness.

  1. For Thanksgiving, we are going over to my parents' house. My brother's family will be there, too, since we all live about 15 minutes from each other. I'm making a stuffed baguette appetizer, roasted Brussels sprouts, broccoli salad, strawberry pretzel salad, a pumpkin roll, peanut butter cup blondies, that coconut chocolate pie from Pinterest, and a blueberry vanilla trifle. We're also having turkey (duh), salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans, butterhorn rolls, a Greek zucchini casserole, sweet potatoes, and probably some other stuff I've forgotten. And yes, that's a lot of food. But we don't do the big meal thing for Christmas, just Thanksgiving.

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