Cat in a Tree. Story at 11.

Our kitten, aka The Evil Chloella, likes to hide and run out the door every time it opens. Last night at 10:30 she did this, we went out searching and came back in and closed the door and went to bed. And right to sleep, I might add. (so done with her)

This morning, My Man came in and said, “well…how much do you love me? Listen to this.”

He opened our bedroom window and I could hear a cat hollering and knew, of course, that it was The Evil One. Stuck in a tree. 20 feet up. And climbing.

(secretly I hoped she had spent the entire night there, not that it would stop her 
from running out the door)

So, of course, I ran for the camera. Cuz this was gonna be good.

There was no way I was climbing up a ladder 20 feet to get The Evil One. Thankfully, I didn’t have to. Russell is saying, “Chloe, turn around so I can grab your scruff.”

The trusty ladder-holders…their ONE day to sleep in since…forever…


“We should still be in bed.” 

That’s our shed below. Chloe is finally turning around. 

He grabbed her and she CLUNG to him for dear life.

She got no sympathy from any of us.

6 thoughts on “Cat in a Tree. Story at 11.

  1. I like how you got Sarah out of bed to hold the ladder so you could take pictures! 🙂 (BTW, I told her on FB that she should make you take her out to breakfast…as if she could make you do anything…but it sounded good at the time!) Glad Evil Chloella is safe and sound in the house! She'll probably sleep all day!


  2. Great Story!!! I like how I can see the dog's snout in the last picutre with the Evil Choella. As if the dog is saying “Look how good I am. I told you cats drool and dogs rule!” What great kids and of course great Russell to rescue the cat on this chilly morning:)
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Well that just has me giggling! Stinky cats! I can see my man climbing up to get our cat and I would TOTALLY be running for the camera! But, who would hold the ladder? Hattie & Sophie? BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Love the pics by the way!

    Love YOU!


  4. T…you didn't think I was going to get dressed and go out there and hold the ladder, did you? I wanted to capture on camera what was going to happen…

    Cuz that's the kind of loving wife I am 🙂


  5. Jack was so confused by the entire episode…he was totally like, “what's the big deal? It's a stupid cat stuck up in a stupid tree, so where's my snack?”


  6. BeckyJo…I suppose I could have held the camera and had an even better view of the action…while still leaning against the ladder to hold it up 🙂


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