I walk alone.
With only my sadness; my grief; the dark.
Doing it my way.
As I run ahead, I turn back to see You in the distance.
You watch as I stretch the distance.
You wait as I dare to do more.
You mourn as I turn back less.
The inevitable.
I stumble. I dive headlong.
Thinking it will be good.
Convinced it will better.
And it is.
For a time.
In the morning, my eyes are opened.
I see the darkness.
I see the pit.
I panic.
Uncertain how I got here.
Why did You let me?
Why did You leave me?
I cry out!
Your voice touches me as the words leave my heart.
I reach up.
Your grasp is firm.
Your strength beyond comfort.
You lift me from the pit.
The darkness no more.
The pit erased.
My feet land on Your firm foundation.
The ground is hard; warm, as I fall to my knees.
Your light blinding as You pull me into Your embrace.
Sweeter than honey.
Sweeter than life.
You walk ahead.
Your light guides me.
I follow closely.
My hand always brushing the very edge of your robe.
Ready to cling tightly.
I begin to live.

3 thoughts on “Again

  1. The stinkin story of my life. Why do we cringe at the Israelites and their lack of trust in Him – their grumbling ways and turning their backs on Him when He was carrying them through – when we do the exact stinkin same thing. And being the I AM that He is, HIS role never changes – always there waiting for us to turn back and ready to carry us in His open arms when we do.

    He is so good

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