The Blame Game and That’s Not My Job

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is someone blaming everyone/everything else and not taking responsibility for their own actions (The Blame Game) and his ugly cousin, That’s Not My Job.

I suppose I expect more from people working in ministry. You blew it. Own up to it! If it falls under your ministry and it’s not getting done, then just do it!

I wish I were talking about “others.” I’m actually talking about myself.

There’s no need to go into all of the gory details. Let’s just put it into simple bullet form:

:: My actions and in-actions resulted in a direct slap down from my spouse. I have chosen to pout about it these past few weeks.
:: God specifically pointed out to me that I need to own up and take responsibility.
:: God specifically pointed out to me that I have been pouty and ugly about it ever since.
:: I had to make some hard choices that would impact my family either way. I (finally) turned to Him and asked Him what He needed me to do and say.
:: He’s had to work on my heart in a big way.
:: My new motto, thanks to His Grace: Do not expect anything…so anything is a bonus.

Oh, and those others in ministry that blame and point fingers and slough off their jobs and responsibilities? I refuse to be one of them any longer, whether I am at church or at home.

Christ is Risen from the dead. I am counting on Him to raise me from “the dead,” as well.

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