Holy Week Wednesday List

Presenting…a list:

:: Watch sunrise (currently in process).
:: Quiet time, incorporating scripture Joanne shared with me yesterday, James 4:7-10.
:: Wash up non-dishwasher dishes from dinner last night. I love using my vintage dishware and glasses. Totally worth the hand-washing required.
:: Continue working on laundry. Cleaning out My Girl’s room has loaded up the laundry room x10.
:: Check out the ant situation throughout the house. *don’t ask*
:: Take Jack for a walk. *extra workout since we are teaching Jack how to correctly walk on leash*
:: Start cleaning out Brett’s room.
:: Surface dust living room and master bedroom.
:: Update checkbook.
:: Start filling out adoption paperwork to adopt Jack Bodacious.
:: Nail My Man down on when he is going to pick up the doors and paint from Home Depot so we can start redoing our bedroom.
:: Update Master To Do List.

I think that about covers it.

Later, dudes.

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