What was I thinking…

I have been stuck in my house for 6 weeks days and desperately needed Mexican Food to get out.

So I made a plan. My Man, knowing I have been desperately wanting Mexican food still continued to insist I “just plan something and cook it.” So I set him up for dinner out. I made chili from scratch. I made apple pie from scratch.

Sure enough, in the door he came as I popped the pie in the oven and announced, “Flo wants Mexican Food so we’re going tonight.”

Flo is our 70 year old neighbor. Apparently, what Flo wants matters more than what The Man’s wife wants, but I’m okay with that because HELLO….Mexican Food…

So I called bff Lori and told her to meet us there with her boys at 5:00 (while we are old…we go that early because 1) we’re not the only ones who have been snowed in for six weeks and 2) we are old.)

Following an amazingly lovely dinner that included chips, salsa, fajitas and a margarita or two, we all piled into the Walgreen’s four doors down. Because that is what we always do following a meal at Austin Grill.

We didn’t “need” anything. We just love the Walgreen’s. It’s new. Relatively speaking.

My new fave color is pink. Real pink. I’ve been on the lookout for some pink nail polish. Light pink. Real serious pink.

I’m a purple and carnation girl myself, but I’ve been branching out and jumping on board with the entire pink craze.

I found the perfect shade: wet n’ wild’s Wild Shine Tickled Pink. Apparently it is a brand new color. It’s not even on their website yet.

This morning when I got to work, I pulled Tickled Pink out of my purse and put a coat on. And then another. And then one more thinking that would actually help.

I hate it.

Now I’m stuck at work with ugly nail polish on that is clumpy and streaky partly because I grew more and more frustrated and just lathered it on and partly because the finish is, well, clumpy and streaky.

What was I thinking doing this at the office…

Maybe just one more coat will help…

5 thoughts on “What was I thinking…

  1. Gotta love cheap polish … NOT! And I am NOT a fan of polish that is not the same color once on your nails. BOO

    On the other hand, Mexican food is ALWAYS a YAY!

  2. I'm forever ordering lipgloss on the internet that usually disappoints, and occasionally nail polish, as well. At least it was cheap!

    I'm a total pink girl and I find that I love almost any type of pink (whether berry-pink, peachy-pink, hot pink, sparkly pink) on my toes, but only like a very sheer and natural pink on my nails. Maybe the color would look okay on your toes?

  3. Pink huh? You could have sent PW on an errand to the store for nail polish remover…lol

    I'm guessing because you were at work that the roads are clear. Is school back in session yet?

  4. Glad you got your Mexican food and bummer about the nail polish. Just catching up a little on your blog. I love the new look (not sure how new it is actually…but it's been awhile since I've made the blog rounds 😉

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