A random list of randomness. Numbered.

1. Snow is my new four letter curse word.
2. S**w is dead to me.
3. A sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies goes down very easily. And very quickly.
4. In the Smith household, bacon is it’s own food group.
5. White is my new least favorite color.
6. It is so easy for me to spot the pride in all of those around me. In myself? Not so much.
7. It’s official. I am NOT giving up coffee.
8. I missed having two dogs in the house. But not all of the fur.
9. I would really like to be pregnant again.
10. Must be cuz I’m on the downslide to 50.
11. Just re-read #10 and had heart palpitations.
12. Just re-read #9 and didn’t.
13. Totally floored by the awesome interwebbiness friends God has brought into my life who, in a mere two months, will be IN REAL LIFE FRIENDS that I get to hug and smooch on.
14. Secretly, I am enjoying the big Blizzard(s) of ’09 and ’10.

Love you guys.

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