Coffee. Ruth. Grocery Store. Office. Sick.

That’s my agenda for the day. The sick is all throughout my day.

Sick. Again. What is with this year? I take my vitamins every day. For the first time ever. And I’m more sick this year than ever. Thinking I’m going back to no vitamins. Or, another way to look at it, I would REALLY be sick if I hadn’t been taking my vitamins every day?

Callin’ for more snow tomorrow. Another “big one”. It’s official…I’m tired of snow. There, I said it and I’m stickin’ to it.

I think I’ll do some baking this weekend.

The grocery store will be a zoo. I’m going to hit that early this morning. Like around 8.

Milk, bread, baking supplies, fruit and dishwasher detergent is my list.

Randomness over and out.

One thought on “Coffee. Ruth. Grocery Store. Office. Sick.

  1. Love you and your little random self. Wish you weren't sick though. Add echinachea (no idea if I spelled that right) to your regimin and neti daily to help you stay a bit healthier.

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