My family seriously needs your prayers this week!

You see, tomorrow I am turning from all that is holy and embracing all that is evil. I am giving up coffee **angels singing** and turning to herbal tea **shudder**.

Sadly, I am being forced to do this due to the utter and complete betrayal of my body. I pray, PRAY, that it is not permanent. But for the unforeseeable future, I must begin each day with a cup of roots and leaves soaked in water and expect to get through the entire day without killing any of my family members.

May God be with us all.

2 thoughts on “My family seriously needs your prayers this week!

  1. OUCH! My prayers are with you. A true friend would make this journey with you … and, while I love you and would like to think that I would do ANYthing for you, this just might be too painful to try.

    I am here for you to scream and yell at though 🙂


  2. I have discovered herbal coffee. Sadly, it has no caffiene but not so sadly it tastes like real coffee. It's called Teeccino and I found it in the organic section at Giant.


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