A (wicked) little (cluttered) corner of my bedroom…

I decided it’s time to get real. My first post in a month will be to reveal some things about me from this photo::: I like books. I love books. I am obsessed with books. The Longaberger basket under the pillow (which bff, Beth gave me) and the wool blanket (which was made in the wool plant my paternal grandfather was the manager of in Albany, NY) is full of books, too. You might not be able to tell, but the plastic yellow basket on the floor has a few books, a Travis Cottrell CD and the dreaded Shed DVD (unopened, by the way). Not to mention also housing several notebooks for which I also hold a fond obsession. But only if they feel smooth to the outside part of my hand. Jill gets that last part, at least.

:: I love magazines. Decorating and health magazines. Clearly, from this picture, you can surmise I only like obsessing OVER the actual decorating magazines, not obsessively using the hints and ideas FROM the decorating magazines. (Don’t even get me going on the health magazines.)

:: I like pink. That is a brand new, off the clearance shelf at Target Microwhatchamacallit uber soft twin size pink blanket on my side of the bed only. The cat thought he was going to claim it. He was wrong.

:: One would think I like animal prints. What you see there is one of only two animal print items in our house (besides the two live animals we have, that is). This body pillow cover and a silk scarf hanging in my closet.

:: I used to love braided rugs. And mauve. Neither not so much anymore. The mauve rug is hitting the trash as soon as I decide on the proper color for our bedroom. A fern green or a blueish something color. See…can’t decide and haven’t been able to the entire 14 years we have lived in this house. No, wait, Shawn turned 19 in June so 15 years.

:: The white cord sticking out from under the bed is to my heated mattress pad. I have it on 365 nights a year. The cord to the other side of the bed is long gone. He sweats 365 nights a year.

:: When the weather turns colder, I start requiring a hot cup of decaf tea in the evening. Often with just a dab of honey. Sometimes just straight up. I’m unpredictable that way.

So, there you have it. A little tiny piece of my world. Considering the rapid deterioration of the memory cells in my brain, I will most likely forget to post an “after” picture, assuming there ever IS an “after” picture. After all, it’s only been 15 years…why rush into any changes?

Love you guys.


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  1. Well, HI there! Good to see you blogging. I've been really slacking myself; I think I wrote something once last week and not at all so far this week! Just not in the mood, I guess.

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