Yoga, hot cocoa and Travis…aka Some Randomness..

I love bullet points, don’t y’all? Too bad. Live with it.

:: There is only one thing that is really bothering me about the impending anniversary of my birth. The need to have a pair of reading glasses tucked into my shirt collar, in every room, in every purse or bag I might be carrying (or might possible THINK I’ll be carrying), in the car and in the office. Other than that, the prospect of turning fortyeightfunlovinyears old in a few days hasn’t really entered my mind. Other than I’ve already got my birthday money spent. In my mind anyway.

:: More important on the birthday horizon is the fact that my sweet baby boy turns 13 the day before I turn a decidedly unmatronly 48. Thirteen years old and he is already six feet tall. To say that he stands out in the hallways at his middle school is an understatement.

:: I have been having a major woe-is-me-super-duper-pity-party lately. Not because of my birthday. But because…well, I don’t really know why. I do know that I am DERN sick of it.

:: Today: no more pity party.

:: The plumber who showed up to FINALLY install our new gas logs without the correct copper piping, however, almost needed his own pity party. I was a bit irked. Especially since I had the tea kettle going, Mame’s chair was strategically placed just close enough to warm my tootsies and my bible study materials were stacked up ready to be, um, studied. Looks like another delay of a few days. Gr.

:: So I pulled out my yoga mat, my Christian yoga DVD (still in it’s original wrapping) and hit the floor. A year of not working out, not taking care of oneself, and gaining a few pounds really makes a difference at the age one has found herself. Downward Dog was more like Shaky Whimpering Fallen Over Puppy. I pushed through and followed the for-those-of-you-who-are-whimps-wanting-a-light-workout leader.

:: I was quite irritated so I pulled out my weights and did some upper body reps. Not many, but it’s a start.

:: I pretty much had the house to myself today so I did some office work (church office, that is) while listening to Travis on my iPhone. That boy can Bring. It. I always feel the hand of God on me when I’m worshipping with Travis.

:: We had three inches of snow today. I got a measuring stick out and stuck it in the snow on the back deck table. Wished I had photographed it, but I didn’t.

:: While our youngest child was ignoring his cell phone orders to come home immediately to shovel, I decided to get out and shovel a path up the driveway. Two driveways and sidewalks later, I was done. Thanks to the spousal unit who showed up and Flo, our wonderful 69 year old neighbor who is in better shape than me OR you.

:: Last, but not least, I made some hot cocoa. With real cocoa, sugar, 2% milk (dern…shouldn’t have used all the whipping cream) and little white floating mallows. Yum. Mers.

:: That’s my day in a nutshell. My husband, when he asked me what I did all day, got a big laugh out of my description to him: blogged, facebooked and twittered. All. Day. Long.

:: That’s what he would have believed anyway.

Love you guys.

4 thoughts on “Yoga, hot cocoa and Travis…aka Some Randomness..

  1. The yoga stuff cracked me up. Yesterday I stretched…ya know..sit on the floor with legs in a V….i’m so sore today…just from stretching. 🙂I’m excited about your birthday. Its a beautiful gift to celebrate.You are gorgeous. And, I love ya dearly.Hugs,Fran


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