It’s always nice to have an unexpected morning spent in the emergency room.

Thankfully, it was nothing serious. But it totally threw me and I have yet, at 5:12pm to get back on track!

I was up early this morning, quiet time with God, working on Esther has propelled me out of bed every morning this week. Well, that and the smell of my yummy Starbucks Guatemala Casi Cielo® beans brewing. (Seriously…I am a night-owl and love to sleep in on mornings, especially 20 degree mornings and the smell of my coffee, that I set up and put on the timer the night before, gets me out of bed much more quickly.)

So God, Esther and I met over a couple cups of a very yummy cup of coffee this morning while it was still very dark outside. I was showered and had wiped down all three bathrooms (something else…I just have not been able to stand the condition of my home lately and wiping down the bathrooms every morning has really helped me feel that I have a bit of control when in reality…I have none) and was doing some laundry before heading to Weight Watchers to be (ahem) weighed in…and then the phone rang and I saw it was Brett’s school.

No, please, I don’t have time, I have my entire day planned out I have things to do…

It was Brett and he had “done something to my ankle in PE”. I asked to speak to the nurse (admittedly hoping she would say he was fine and could go back to class) and she was useless. They just aren’t able to do anything but hand out band aids and take temperatures and call home.

So, I headed to the school.

The boy was in his glory. He was in a wheelchair. He was being pushed around the school by the 7th grade administrator whom ALL the kids adore/fear (depending on if you are a good kid or not so good kid). He pushed him back through the gym where his class was so they could all hover around him. We ran into his core teachers walking down the hall and they all stopped and hovered over him.

It was right up his ally.

Long story short…we ended up at the emergency room. X-rays were negative. Severe sprain and some a few days on crutches and he should be fine. We (hobbled) into IHOP for some brunch. I have to confess that I didn’t even look at any stinkin’ healthy menu/low fat crap. I ordered the pancake combo…two eggs, sausage links, hash browns and two buttermilk cakes and I ATE EVERY STINKIN’ BITE.

Clearly, I’m struggling with the entire WW thing.

So finally getting Brett home and settled (on the couch, pillow, comforter, cell, and remotes in hand) and I headed off to the office.

I’m still totally unfocused. Really just wanting to sit on the couch myself and veg. It’s not like it was traumatic or anything.

What is wrong with me?

3 thoughts on “It’s always nice to have an unexpected morning spent in the emergency room.

  1. It ended up being noting … but when you have to take your baby to the ER, it IS traumatic – just go with it! Even though it ended up being nothing, just the sheer fear of not knowing was enough to drive any woman to pancakes! It’s all good!

  2. There is nothing like a little stress to make me turn to food! This is a realization that has become quite apparent to me! I always try to remind myself that tomorrow is another day. Hope the sprain heals quickly!

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