It was fun. While it lasted.

I had a quick trip to Longwood. One pit stop. Not counting the first stop at Starbuck’s for a latte and scone. And not counting the stop in Farmville (Longwood is in Farmville) at Your Just Desserts to pick up baklava, turnovers and other yummies to bring home. Oh, and one other stop at the book store. Just to kill time cuz I was early.

I wish I had remembered to take my camera and chronicle the day with pics. Daggum it.

Meghan and Matt, Shawn’s roomie (who are dating), brought down the first load of Shawn’s stuff and Shawn showed up a few minutes later. Since everyone had their arms full of bedding, clothing, fans, books, and junk…I had to wait until they unloaded to give hugs all around. Except I forgot to hug my own child. I have yet to hear the end of that. We couldn’t get in the car until I hugged him.

I loved that.

I had told him he would drive home, but I started thinking…this kid is going to talk non-stop the entire way home because that’s just the way he is (thank You, Jesus!) and do I really want a distracted, chatty kid driving me home on 95 North on a Friday afternoon? Nope. So I drove. He chatted. I laughed. A lot.

It was heavenly.

Oh, how I have missed this boy! The surliness that he had over the summer is gone and there is a new…something…maturity, maybe…about him.

We stopped for gas (not that we needed it in hubby’s Corolla but did anyway cuz it was so cheap). And stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch. We were ravenous and it took forever because we still kept up the talking. After purchasing the obligatory preserves, we headed home.

It was so funny to hear him talk about the landmarks he recognized, and clearly missed. As we pulled off 95, he whispered, “good to be home”, while his face was pressed against his window. We were still 15 minutes from home, but we never count that last 15 minutes in our driving time. Just don’t. I don’t know why.

Yep. It was a fun day.

Five minutes after we got home, Ronnie was here and the boys were off.

It was sweet while it lasted.


6 thoughts on “It was fun. While it lasted.

  1. Susan…I just can’t imagine those days with my boys yet…but, its coming closer and closer. Thanks for letting us get a glimpse into the time with him. Happy day!Hugs,Fran


  2. I knew you would stop at the Barrel…I’m glad you had good visit time with him.I just caught sight of Sarah’s senior picture…OMG, she is stunning!


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