Hey…I haven’t felt like crying all day!

Something is up with dat.

I admit…between the raging hormones, children coming and going all summer, and impending going for months in the Fall, VBS (oh. my. word. 100+ children every day! and they were all in and out of my office at least a zillion times each day), and well just basic life, I have been tearing up at the drop of a hat (or even a beer commercial).

It was suh-weet going back to familiar turf and watching Sarah play some volleyball. Yeah…she was mad and had an attitude but THIS I could relate to. It was normal. Normal Sarah. Normal stuff. It was heavenly.

And…BONUS. Chick-fil-a for lunch! Woo-hoo! If we had only known beforehand, T., that it was CFA anniversary day, we def would have dressed up as cows for a free meal! Didn’t matter, we sucked down our food like it WAS free.

So, all of my little chicks are home. Well, not at this precise moment, but no one is sleeping away from home for three whole nights.

My two oldest guys are here. First time to the new stadium. Personally, I prefer the comfy of my own home to watch the game, but I would like to see the new Park.

Trey is home. Not that his own mother would know it. She rarely saw him last weekend and apparently won’t see him much this weekend, either. She’s a smart cookie…she keeps calling him on his cell. Just to bug him, I’m sure. That’s what I’d do. His brother, Aaron, is a friend of Shawn’s and keeps calling Trey, “Shawn’s new brother”. He is here a lot. Probably has something to do with the girl that lives here.

So I am off to take a few Motrin (hormonally needed) and hit the rack.

Love you guys.

2 thoughts on “Hey…I haven’t felt like crying all day!

  1. I love me some Susan! Too bad I didn’t get to go to CFA with you…I must come back just for that! (It would have been fun to see CFA on annivarsary day.)So glad you are doing so well! And I mean it!Love you,T

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