It’s Hot and Humid and that’s just my Hormones.

There is something so fun and exciting about being 47.5 years of age. On paper, it doesn’t look old, but today I am feeling old. I know what to blame. The Big H. I could tell by the way I was irritated that I had to make coffee this morning that the hormones are definitely wack-o. Because I make coffee every morning. It’s a ritual. A pleasure. And well, because I like coffee in the morning. This morning…totally ticked off about it.

My Man hightailed it off to church 30 minutes early to get out of my way. I didn’t say or do anything. He could just tell. One of the perks of being married for 25 years.

Interesting conversation with my daughter and the New Older Boyfriend. It came up in conversation, while we were double dating, that…wait, what? You don’t double date with your 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend? Y’all…you are missing out! We had a blast together and he wasn’t even just pretending in order to suck up to The Dad. We went to the movies (Hancock. Loved.It. Go see it.) and to our fave pizza joint for dinner and then B&R for ice cream. Then they ditched us like a hot potato and that was the end of the date.

So, we were talking about how The Man and I have known each other since I was 15 years old and he was 17. Don’t get me wrong…we didn’t date the entire time until we got married. There were definitely some long break-ups, not to mention the fact that I moved to Izmir, Turkey for two years. I think The Man had hoped to scare Trey with this conversation, but he seemed perfectly comfortable with it. Interesting.

Did I mention it is hot and humid here? Typical July weather in the lovely Commonwealth of Virginia. Can’t wait for September and October…my two favorite months in Virginia.

Today…hmmm…I’m really going to try to avoid contact with other living beings. Unfortunately, I do need to get to Sunday school and Worship. I think I’ll pass on VBS Set-up. For the sake of the human race. I totally feel compelled to give my house a good scrubbing…sure sign I’m PMSing.

Best hit the shower and get moving…chat soon and oh, please pray for my family…they’re gonna need it today!

5 thoughts on “It’s Hot and Humid and that’s just my Hormones.

  1. Stayin out of your way today! 😉Sorry bout the hormones…hopefully God takes care of it at church!Love you.BTW: you can always come to MI…it is gorgeous here right now!…did I mention I have a pool? Tempted?

  2. Praying for you–and your sweet family–today!And kinda jealous that your PMS exhibits in a cleaning thing. I could use that!P.S. Love the double dating with your daughter–got it tucked away for 2014 when Audrey starts dating.P.P.S. It’s nice here too. And we have a pool too!

  3. Susan, I kind of lost you for a while but just found you again somewhere…maybe I’m having some kind of…I sure do enjoy you and glad to find you again…

  4. Even when you are all “out of whack” you are still a hoot. I do hope you have a good day today.My momma says…”you gotta settle down.”Hugs~Fran

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