My First Food Tutorial…

Well, it’s going to be a bountiful season.

This is the first harvest, from today. Not sure of the round tomato variety…I think Big Girl, but the others are Roma and Cherry. My Man is the vegetable Gardener in this family. We also have several rows of corn out back. I would show you our vegetable gardens, but I’m going to wait until this weekend. After they are weeded by the children-we-had-in-order-to-never-have-to- weed-or-do-yard-work-again.

Gather up all your ingredients. We’re making Mater Sandwiches so we need a sliced Mater.

I used the entire Tomato for my sandwich because I’m selfish like that I love my Maters.

Please note a few items of interest. I adore my Pampered Chef Chef’s knife. The acrylic cutting board is what I always use to cut veggies and fruit. It’s durable and I can toss it in the dishwasher. The wooden board sitting under it is, in fact, a bread board my mom picked up in Turkey 30 years ago. I mentioned to her I was making bread fairly regularly and did she have an extra cutting board she wanted to give up. I knew she had several, including this one, which she always used on the counter to set hot dishes and pots on. But, because I mentioned I was making bread and this is a bread board…she brought it up to me as a surprise. I was floored, really. It may sound silly, but I knew how much she loved this board.

Okay, see that chunk of something brown on the counter to the left of the board, near the stove? That’s a chunk of this absolutely to die for cake. I left it so you wouldn’t think I was a perfect housewife.

As if.

Okay, because I am all about honesty here I have a confession to make: I like white bread. However, I usually eat whole wheat bread. But for my Mater Sandwich, I have to have white bread. Toasted. That’s just me. You may use whatever type of bread you prefer. I also like Light Mayo and it must be Hellman’s. I was raised on Hellman’s (long before the Light-era) and frankly, switching to Light was downright painful. But now it is all I eat. My Man, however, prefers disgusting gross ew Miracle Whip.

After much counseling, we were able to salvage our marriage in spite of this horrendous betrayal.

I few turns of the pepper mill and sea salt mill. A nice diagonal slice. A handful few bread and butter pickle chips and a ginormous small amount of Kettle chips and we’re good to go.

After totally downing every last bit on my Pfaltzgraff plate, I moved on to my new addiction…nuts:

Please note that, because I am totally about keeping it real…I gave you an unedited view of the back wall which hasn’t been patched up and painted because My Man (love him) put in a new door and frame going from the kitchen to the hallway.


That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Bon appetit!

4 thoughts on “My First Food Tutorial…

  1. YUM!We haven’t had tomatoes in the store until recently (how the heck do you get salmonella from a tomato?)Anyway, the ones we do have taste like wood.I’m so jealous you’ve had a harvest already. My tomato plants are getting HUGE, but no maters yet…::Salivating at your sammich::Joanne


  2. Wow, looks like I will be in the minority here…but I have never, ever eaten a tomato sandwich. NEVER. You see as a child, <>I hated tomatoes!<> I would freak out even if there was a single tomato seed on my salad. I have grown in that area though, I actually started puting Roma tomatoes on my salads after we got married…because my hubby likes them. Although, I would cut them up very small. Now I am happy to report that I actually like tomatoes. I still only like them sliced really thin and honestly, I don’t think I could eat a whole sandwich made out of them…but I might enjoy a bite. (No mayo here though, ick.)So Sooz, does this mean we <>weren’t<> seperated at birth?Love you!


  3. Dang, Susan! You know how to live! I ate mater sammiches JUST LIKE THIS everyday in the summer when I was a kid. I can’t seem to grow my own yummy maters and grocery store ones are a waste of space. I’m thinking I’m going to the farmer’s market this week. (I ate them with my mama’s homemade pickles. Which are now extint.)


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